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Book on Third and Ninth Gorkha

On the occasion of the reunion of the Regiment in Feb 2004, a fabulously produced book on the “Third and Ninth Gorkha” was released. This is a superbly produced book with many pictures and interesting history of the regiments.


  • Publisher: Lancer Publishers & Distributors
    Lancer Publishers & Distributors,
    K-36A(F.F) Green Park Main,
    New Delhi, 110 016
    Tel: (00 91 11) 26867339, 26854691
    Fax: (00 91 11) 26862077
  • Author: NA
  • ISBN: 81 7062 290 5
  • Price: 26.00($USD) 695.00 (Rs.)
  • Description: This coffee-tale book tries to bring out the very essence, the raison-de-etre of these two Regiments, their proud traditions and claim to fame, as well as to illustrate the process of metamorphosis that the raw recruits undergo at the Centre before they evolve into what are arguably the world’s best fighting soldiers.
    Illustrated over 200 colour/B/W photographs 9.5”X11.5”
  • Pages: 130