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Early Years of the Battalion

My Life and Times
Raising and Command of 4th Battalion, 3rd Gorkha Rifles

By Lt. Col. Duleep Sinh

Lt. Col Duleep Sinh is the first Commanding Officer of the battalion after it was raised in 1962. He comes from an illustrious royal family from Gujarat in western India. Both his sons, Captain Bharat Sinh and Major General Randhi Sinh have served in the battalion and his grandson Abhay continues the tradition of serving in the battalion.

He recounts the incidences and activities of the battalion from its earliest days. Using his sharp memory and turn of the pen, he brings to life events which happened over 45 years ago to life.

The original article has been presented in 7 sections for easier reading on the internet.

Raising and Commanding
Shikari’s Code of Conduct
Distinct Identity
Vastarvan Twice a Day
Recce of Kargil
Dussain of 1964
Medical Category