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Gorkhas Crossed the Stream

The Gorkhas Crossed the Stream

By Lt. Col. A.K.(Sam) Sharma

A delightful story on close connections between the Indian and Pakistan Army at the time of partition in1947

Soon after, conquest of Pir Kanthi, the Indian Army 1948/49 campaign in J&K ground to a halt for various reasons of the state and in the lull in the battles the 2/3rd Johnnies (Gorkha Soldiers) took like fish to water to fishing for fresh water fish. One over zealous intrepid party even managed to cross the cease fire line in their quest for the trout. So engrossed were they in their devices, that they remained oblivious to the crafty Pakistani Baluch Regiment ambush. In the event they were thus captured, and had themselves beaten black and blue during the ensuing interrogation as prisoners of war! The Baluchi’ CO was overjoyed at the windfall of sweet revenge, but the Pakistani Army Chief was furious and hopping mad! He wanted all the 2/3rd Johnnies handed over back to India, also the Baluchi soldiers who had any hand in administering the third degree, court-martialed. You see, the Pak Army Chief at that time was none other than General Sir Douglas Gracey, former Commanding Officer of the 2/3rd in Italy during the then just concluded World War II !