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The People

Photographs of the People behind 4/3 Gorkha Rifles

The officers of the Phor Thud during the wreath laying ceremony.
From left to right : Maj. Navneet Vats, Maj. D.B. Ale, Capt. Abhay Sinh, Maj. J.S. Mangat, Maj Ujjal Singh, Maj. D.S. Murthy, Capt. Ashwani Kumar and Capt. Rahul Verma

The 4th Battallion, 3rd Gorkha Rifles (Phor Thud)is divided into officers, junior commissioned officers and jawans. This structure is common across the Indian Army. The Officers have the responsibility of commanding the troops. They command the troops through the JCO’s.

We had a wonderful times with the people of Phor Thud, during our visit to them on February 20, 2001.

Col. Pradeep Rana, is the Commanding Officer of the battalion, he was main host of the festivities. In the adjoining picture he can be seen (second from left) presenting the memorial Khukri to my father. Also seen in the picture is the Subedar Major of Phor Thud. The Subedar Major is the senior-most JCO in the battalion.

Maj. D.S. Murthy, his capacity to party is legendary in the battalion. They even had a skit inspired by him during the variety entertainment program.

Maj. Ujjal Singh, he was newly married in February 2001 when we were there. He made us a wonderful cock-tail on the celebratory dinner of the flag rising.

Maj. J.S. Mangat, He is the company commander of the “B” Company to which Nawang belonged. He was very close to the spot where Nawang was fighting. After our visit to Almora he was kind enough so send us photographs of the jungle in which this happened. In the adjoining photograph from L to R : Vikas Sutaria, Sonam Kapadia, Maj. Ujjal Singh, Maj. Mangat.

Maj. D. B. Ale, one of the success stories of the Indian Army, has moved up through the ranks to be at the officer position.
Maj. Navneet Vats, Navneet had the sad task of breaking the news about Nawang’s demise to the family. He has written us a beautiful letter once he got back from the operation. Which was a great comfort to the family.

In the adjoining photograph from L to R, Maj Navneet Vats, Capt. Rahul Verma, Geeta Kapadia, Sonam Kapadia, Harish Kapadia.

Capt. Rahul Verma, he received us at Katgodam station and was with us throughout our stay.

Capt. Ashwani Kumar,

Capt. Abhay Singh, Abhay literally has Phor Thud in his blood, his grandfather established the battalion in his father Bridg. Radhir Sinh and his uncle both are in the 4/3 rd Gorkha Rifles also. He was the senior officer to whom Nawang was attached. He had the sad duty of accompanying Nawang’s remains from Srinagar to Mumbai. In the adjoining picture he can be seen with Geeta Kapadia

Lt. A.P. Yadav, Lt. Yadav was in training when we had gone to Almora, but he had visited us in Mumbai on route to the training. He is from Mumbai.

Lt. Mridul Verma, he is the newest officer in the 4/3rd (He joined 4 months before Nawang)

Capt. P.D. Gupta (RMO), He is from the Medical Corp. and attached to the Phor Thud, he was the room-mate of Nawang in Kashmir, and told us many stories about Nawang’s life in the Army.

Rfl.Som Thapa, he was the buddy of Lt. Nawang and was with him during the encounter. In the adjoining picture he (extreme right), he is telling us of the events of that fateful day.

Bridg. Bakshi, is the commander of the 99 Mountain Bridage, where the 4/3 Gorkha Rifles is attached. He had come to Mumbai to visit us after this sad incident. In the adjoining picture he can be seen on the extreme right with Col. Shukla ( 15, Rajput Regiment) and Geeta and Harish Kapadia.