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Visit to Jammu

The Field Posting for the Battalion

After 4/3rd Gorkhas completed their peace posting in Almora (our visit to Almora), they moved to their Field posting. The field posting is in the Jammu area and during the Dassera Celebrations in October 2003 we were invited to participate in the festivities.

The area is under the command of a division and the battalion is the part of it. This division which is a static formation will forever remain an inseparable part of this region of the State. In has not only defended its borders against foreign aggression but rendered invaluable assistance in its socio-economic development and areas of mutual co-operation and trust. The ‘Ace of Spades’ Division has a proud record of service to the people in particular and the country in general and its history is replete with examples of incomparable heroism and sacrifice in the defence of Motherland.

History of the Area
Military Operations
War Memorials
Account of our visit
Mogul Paintings

Most of the information in this section is from a brochure prepared by the Division