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War Memorials

It is an imposing monument, the construction of which began in 1982. The foundation stone was laid by Lt. Gen. S. P. Malhotra, PVSM, the then GOC-in-C, Northern Comd and was declared open by Lt. Gen M. L. Chibber, PVSM, AVSM, GOC-in-C Northern Comd on 29 October 84 in commemoration of the heroic deeds of the men who laid down their precious lives defending the Motherland in the Divisional Sector. It symbolizes their supreme sacrifice. It is situated on a hill top overlooking the Rajouri town and the Valley around it. The defence of Rajouri and Poonch had taken a toll of many precious lives. The valiant heroes, whom history will never forget, have found a fitting place in the sacred galleries of the PVCwall.jpg (44711 bytes) ‘Hall of Fame’. It is not amazing that 2 PVCs, 48 MVCs, 75 VRCs and 30 SMs were awarded to officers and men of the formation for gallantry of the highest order. Having a pride of place in this monument are two portraits of civs, Shri Maulvi Gulamuddin and Smt Mali Be who won Ashok Chakra Class III and Padma Shree respectively for their valuable and heroic help to the Indian Army in tackling the infiltrators. It is a place of pilgrimage for those hallcivil.jpg (48179 bytes) who love and honor the land they are born in. It is a living monument of bravery and sacrifice that will continue to inspire millions to greater heights of glory in the service of the Motherland.

Besides the Hall of Fame, there are a number of war memorials in the Div Sector, which commemorate the brave deed of our officers, and men who had laid down their lives in the defence of the Motherland. The most important ones are briefly described in the succeeding paragraphs.

(a) Usman Memorial During the 1947-48 Indo-Park War Brig. Mohammad Usman, while commanding 50 Para Bde in the Nausher Sector, was able to repulse repeated enemy attack supported by mor and arty on Jhangar on 03 July 48 and save the town from enemy occupation. In doing so he was severely wounded by an enemy shell and later succumbed to his injuries. A memorial has been erected at the spot where he was killed to immortalize the hero of Jhangar for laying down highest traditions of valour and devotion to duty. The memorial lauds the supreme sacrifice made by Brig. Usman and continues to inspire us to emulate him.

(b) Yadunath Singh Memorial The memorial is erected in memory of Nk Yadunath Singh of 1 RAJPUT and his gallant band of comrades, who in the defence of Tain Dhar Ridge, key to the defence of Naushera, beat back three successive attacks of the enemy in a boldly and fierce combat. Nk Yadunath Singh was awarded PVC posthumously for his exemplary heroism in the face of the enemy.

(c) War Memorial at Plassey The memorial was constructed in living memory of the brave men of 4/8 GR in defence of Kalanjar Post earlier known as FDL 535.

(d) War Memorial at Lam The memorial recounts the heroism and dedication of duty of the brave soldiers of 4/9 GR who laid down their lives in the 1971 Indo-Pak Conflict at Lam.

(e) War Memorial at Darhal The memorial has been constructed by 10 JAK RIF in 1980 in memory of soldiers and civilians who sacrificed their lives in various Indo-Pak Wars in the Lam Valley.

(f) Generals Memorial The memorial is built at Jhalas to commemorate the memory of those brave officers who died in a tragic air crash on 22 November 1963 in the performance of their duty. The fallen heroes include Lt. Gen. Daulat Singh, Lt. Gen. Bikram Singh, AVM E.W. Pinto, Maj. Gen. N. K. D. Nanavati, MC, Brig. S. R. Oberoi, MC, and Flt. Lt. S. S. Sodhi. The memorial was erected in 1980.

The war memorials maintained by 25 Arty Bde at various locations in the Div Sector recount the bravery and sacrifice by our brave gunners in the defence of the Motherland. These are located at Poonch (51 Mtn Regt), Dalgora (268 Med Regt) and Amrik lines (197 Mtn Regt).

The other important memorials in the Divisional Sector are Khera Memorial (Battle of Op Hill), Battle of Nangi Tekri Memorial (22 PUNJAB), Rup Tekri Memorial (4/9 GR), Memorial at Rumlidhara Base (17 SIKH), Kalsian Base (11 JAT), Shantaram Memorial (4/1 GR), Jhalas (3 MAHAR and 14 MLI), Balnoi in memory of bravo men of 2 RAJ RIF, 5 SIKH LI, 14 GRENADIERS, 9 RAJ RIF, 7 MAHAR and JAK RIF Memorial at Poonch commemorating the brave deeds of 1st, 4th, 8th and 9th JAK RIF men. These are not mere stone structures but places where our battles of freedom were fought to remind posterity to emulate the deeds of our fallen comrades-in-arm to achieve greater glory in the service of the nation. Driving through Naushera, Kalsian, Jhangar, Lam, Rajouri, Balnoi, Jhalas and Poonch is like wandering through memory lane and a pilgrimage into history.