Army Memorials
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4/3 Gorkha Rifles Memorial
4/3 Gorkha Rifles Memorial 2013
Phalam Bahadur
99 Mountain Brigade Memorial
15 Corp Memorial at Srinagar
Northen Command Memorial
Memorial at Mahim Nature Park
Officer's Trainning Academy Memorial
39 Gorkha Training Centre Memorial
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Martyr's Memorial at Thane

Army Memorials

The army has martyrs memorials at all their establishments to remember and pay homage to the soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice. Lt. Nawang Kapadia, also has the honour of being in this brave company.

We have visited some of the war memorials and some like the 15 Corp War memorial and the Northen Command War memorial, we hope to visit, when the Pakistan backed terrorist violence is Kashmir is stopped.


4/3 Gorkha Rifles Martyrs Garden.

This is the battalion that Nawang belonged to. A Battalion is the smallest independent fighting unit in the army. We have visited their Martyrs garden in Almora


99 Mountain Brigade Martyrs Garden

Three battalions, make up a Brigade, Nawang's 4/3 Gorkha Rifles Battalion was a part of the 99 Mountain Brigade. We visited their memorial at Chaubatia.


15 Corp Headquarters Memorial at Badami Baug, Srinagar

This is the Corp which controls the Kashmir Area, Nawang's 99 Mountain Brigade was serving under the 15 Corp during their operations in Kashmir.


Northern Command Headquarter memorial at Udhampur

Northern Command memorial "Dhuruva" (named after the hindi word for the Northen Star, to be the guiding light for the future generations of Soldiers) guards  the entire Northern frontiers of India.


39 Gorkha Training Centre memorial at Varanasi


39 Gorkha Training Centre, is the training Centre for the 3rd and 9th Gorkha Battalions and hence known in the army  terms as 39 Gorkha Training Centre (39 G T C). it is a huge complex, most beautifully kept and efficiently managed. It houses all the facilities to train  the new Gorkha Recruits arriving raw from Nepal and India. In 42 weeks of intensive and thorough training these recruits are turned into well disciplined and trained soldiers of the Indian Army. The magnificent memorial  there serves as an inspiration to future jawans passing out from the GTC. Also see the account of our visit to the 39 GTC in 2000


Officer's Training Academy Memorial

Nawang trained at the elite Officer's Training Academy of the Indian Army in Chennai. Within the academy, they have Martyrs Memorial which is the most sacred place in the Academy. Every graduate of the academy who made the supreme sacrifice for the country is immortalised here to inspire the future generation of officers. 


Memorial at the Mahim Nature Park

Mahim Nature Park near the Dharavi Bus Depot in Bomaby is a heavenly little plot full of opulent greenery, well-maintained, tall trees, small shrubs, flowers, creepers, saplings, birds, and (a rarity in Mumbai) the smell of fresh air. We set-up a memorial stone in 2006 for Nawang. His memorial stone is next to the set up in 2003 for Major Rajesh Nayyar.