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A SALUTE TO NAWANG – by Sarita Chaudhry

What are we

Just sparks of light

Floating towards

The impending darkness

Which one by one

Will end our lives

As death stood

With open arms

You swept past it

Courageously riding

The chariot of glory

And as death looked down

At its empty hands

You smiled from the skies

With twinkling eyes

A bright star

Inspiring mankind

How to reach

The celestial heights

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By Sarita Chaudhry

Mrs. Sarita Chaudhry is a close friend of Mrs. Geeta Kapadia. Sarita and Geeta were together in college and have been friends for over 25 years. Nawang has been on two treks to the Himalayas with Sarita. The Kapadia family shares a special bond with the Chaudhry family. The children of Mrs. Chaudhry, Rajeev, Vishal and Parul are close friends of Nawang and Sonam.