The world is a fine place and worth fighting for - Ernest Hemingway

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Martyrdom and Motivation
Rope No 5
Sacrifice Thee Can't Forget
Saga of Nawang
Tribute from Dr. Mrinal Patnaik
Article in Gomantak Times
Magic Marble
Celebrating the Unsung Hero
Requiem For A Son
In Memoriam
Fitting Tribute
Sign of Courage
Lest We Forget
In Memory of an Army Officer
I Cannot See the Dignity
An Untimely Unwarranted Tragedy
On the Death of a Soldier
Not another Kashmir Ka Kissa


Martyrdom and Motivation

                -Dr. Kaushal Chhatrapati


Rope No 5

               - Siddharth Mewara


Fitting Tribute

            - Dilnaz Boga


Sacrifice thee can't forget

                    - Dinesh Soni



The Nawang Saga

                    - Maj. Gen. Randhir Sinh (Retd)


Lt. Nawang Kapadia - personification of commitment

- Dr. Mrinal Patnaik


Article in Gomantak Times

- Sheela Jaywant


Magic Marble

- Sheela Jaywant

Celebrating the unsung hero

- Siddharth Shriram


Requiem For A Son

-Jerry Pinto

Man's World

In Memoriam

                    - Harish Kapadia

                        Himalayan Journal


Sign of Courage

                    - Nidhi Taparia Rathi

                        India Today


Lest we forget

                         - Nidhi Taparia Rathi




In memory of an army officer slain in battle

                                                - Vivek Fernandes



I Cannot See The Dignity 

                                        - Dilip D'Souza


Lt. Nawang Kapadia : an untimely, unwarranted tragedy




On the Death of a Soldier...

                                            - Paula Mariwala


Mumbaikars!  Nawang Kapadia isnít just another statistic in the Kashmir Kissa

                                            - Shobhan Biswas