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Shahid Lt. Nawang Kapadia Chowk

Shahid Lt. Nawang Kapadia Chowk

Lt. Nawang Kapadia was born and brought up on Carmichael Road in Mumbai. This road is a tree lined road in South Bombay. The residents of this road were deeply impacted by the sacrifice of Lt. Kapadia and have been a tremendous source of strength to the family.

Over the last few years, the residents have consistently been asking the administration to set up a memorial for Lt. Nawang Kapadia on the road (appeal for the memorial). As a first step to this, a prominent corner on the road has been renamed as Shahid Lt. Nawang Kapadia Chowk.

Shirish Patel, a renowned architect and town planner along with Mr. Grover, the secretary of our building society and Dilip Patel from the Carmichael Road Resident’s Association had approached the Municipal offices for this. The municipal officers were very co-operative and this was done without any trouble.Our MLA Mangal Prabhat Lodha has in a constant champion of this issue as well. We hope to see a monument to Lt. Nawang Kapadia soon on Carmichael Road.

In fact when the actual clearance came and the sign board was erected, we were visiting the unit in Jammu. It was only later that we saw the sign board.

As fate would have it, we were going to a popular restaurant in the area called Noorani when we saw the sign-board. Noorani was the favourite restaurant of Nawang, we would go there every week and have a great evening eating kebabs and tandoori chicken. We had stopped going there after his sacrifice. This was the first time we were going there in over 3 years when on the way, we saw this new sign board.