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by Manav Patnaik

He might have left the world

But will forever be in our hearts

Lt. Nawang Kapadia of the 4/3 Gurkha Rifles

That name full of soul in all parts

For people who have known him

There is no need to explain

And for those that were unprivileged

Its like the dessert missed the rain

I have known him since I was born

My second brother was he

We would fights, we would play and hang out

Only his good side could anyone see

He worked hard and got in the army

My hero, my role model was he then

And now after fighting for his country

I only think there A FEW SUCH “MEN”

A man of honour and great personality

A boy of manners and gracious humility

A friends of friends and a brother of all

There is no way in anyones eyes will he ever fall

I am sad to have lost him

But proud to have known him

If not the BEST : one of them was HE

“Lt. Nawang Kapadia of the 4/3 Gurkha Rifles.”

By Manav Patnaik

Manav is a childhood friend of Nawang. The Patnaik family and Kapadia family used to stay in the same building and they used to play together as children.