The last breath

Chunks of metal

Pumped into life

Breathing his last

Amidst an aura of strife

He thinks not of

Where he’ll land up

In heaven or hell

He leaves that to the name

He worshipped so well.

He thinks not

Of decorations that he deserves

Nor of the million lives

He’d been fighting to preserve.

He has nothing to lose

N’ he feels no pain

He thinks of only

Whether the nation will do what it claims

I haven’t been there

So I don’t really know

How it feels like to go

With a feeling of uncertainty

In ur heart & soul

With unfulfilled responsibilities

And no final adieus!

But one thing’s for sure

Its not easy for those eyes

To see their pride

Being brought home!

By Anushka

Anushka is a regular visitor to the site. She is from Dehra Dun and is currently studying at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her endevour is to bring to light as a journalist the sacrifice that our brave soldiers are making for us each day.

Slept… forever

Sounds of “ek do ek”

Drilled into the head

Till nothing else could be heard

N nothing could be said.

The confident march

To the final tune

That led him gallantly

To showering music

That was totally new…

Yet the dance was perfect

Not a step missed

Passion in the air

And sparks everywhere

Efforts paid

And the “trophy” was won

Drenched in red


He slept like the obedient son!

By Anushka

Anushka is a regular visitor to the site. She is from Dehra Dun and is currently studying at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her endeavor is to bring to light as a journalist the sacrifice that our brave soldiers are making for us each day.

In Rememberance of my Brother – by Namrata Meghpara

Thou there r million stars

but none shines like u…….

Thou there r million flowers

but none blossoms like u…….

Thou there r million people

but none invincible like u…….

Thou there r million soldiers

but none brave like u…….

Thou there r million son’s

but none loving like u…….

Thou there r million brother’s

but none caring like u…….

Thou we r million miles apart

but u always remain in

our heart……..

by Manav Patnaik

He might have left the world

But will forever be in our hearts

Lt. Nawang Kapadia of the 4/3 Gurkha Rifles

That name full of soul in all parts

For people who have known him

There is no need to explain

And for those that were unprivileged

Its like the dessert missed the rain

I have known him since I was born

My second brother was he

We would fights, we would play and hang out

Only his good side could anyone see

He worked hard and got in the army

My hero, my role model was he then

And now after fighting for his country

I only think there A FEW SUCH “MEN”

A man of honour and great personality

A boy of manners and gracious humility

A friends of friends and a brother of all

There is no way in anyones eyes will he ever fall

I am sad to have lost him

But proud to have known him

If not the BEST : one of them was HE

“Lt. Nawang Kapadia of the 4/3 Gurkha Rifles.”

By Manav Patnaik

Manav is a childhood friend of Nawang. The Patnaik family and Kapadia family used to stay in the same building and they used to play together as children.

Nawang Bhai – by Tanaya Apte

My brother, my friend, my childhood playmate

I wish I could have known you as an adult,

I wish we could have talked and laughed and joked about life at an age where I would

Have understood and appreciated you as the person you became

I wish I could tell you how much you feature in my memories of childhood

I wish I could express how much you meant to me

I wish I could say “I have two brothers”

I wish I wasn’t at a loss for words when your friends discuss what kind of a person you

Were in your teens and twenties.

If only we had kept in touch instead of a few infrequent visits

You helped me realise how important family is

You made me realise that you have to enjoy every moment you get

If only you were here to enjoy some of those moments with us

If only it was not too late for us to get reacquainted

If only you could be standing next to me when I talk about “my brother – my hero.”

By Tanaya Apte

Tanay Apte is Nawang’s cousin sister. Her family and she have spent most of her childhood on the same road where my family stays. She spend a month with us in December 2000 after the sad incident and relived many happy memories of her childhood with Nawang.

Nawang – by Sheela Jaywant

I envy you the passion

With which you did the task, that work.

The compassion

You felt when an injured mate fell. No shirk-

Ing, no fear, hesitation, nor fault.

You sensed danger, ordered cover, but didn’t halt.

You must have been ecstatic, in the knowledge

That you had in you that latent, potent courage

That none but you knew of till that moment.

It was then or never. It was sufficient

For you to have discovered you had in you

What out of many millions but a few

Have: Guts.

No buts,

Duty had to be done and you did it,

The cost was irrelevant.

You know, wherever you are,

That most live for years together without living at all

And for you, life came crowding into one precious hour.

One speeding bullet made you fall.

And raised in many hearts respect, pride,

Some showed it openly, some did hide

The fact that they, like me,

Also felt a sense of envy

For what I (or they) haven’t/couldn’t have done

For self, for the country, for anyone.

By Sheela Jaywant

Sheela Jaywant is the sister of Geeta Kapadia. As someone who was married to a soldier, she has been familiar with men in uniform, those who have displayed courage in its highest form, and a few who have sacrificed their lives because of it, for India. She believes that soldiers on the field never die. Their spirit lives on strongly around those who have known them, always.

Poem by Anjali Nugyal

The greens are darkening

The whites are fading

The saffron are thickening

Yesterday the Charkha

That was spinning,

Today stands still

We know,

We all go into it

And are all born from it.

My friend went in

A bit too hastily

He stands right there

In the center

Smiling his shy sweet effervescent smile.

Each time you see the flag,

You will see him,


Nawang never died

Nor he ever will.

With Prayers


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Anjali Nugyal

Mrs. Anjali Nugyal and her husband Major Aman Nugyal of the 6th Sikh Regiment have been a constant source of encouragement for Nawang in joining the army. Nawang spend a fortnight with the Nugyals, of which he had very fond memories and lots of anecdotes. When Nawang was staying with them, he had to lose 15 kilos to be admitted in the army. Aman and Nawang used to run 26 kilometers daily and then Anjali used her special weight reducing technique; cover Nawang in blankets in 40oC Delhi heat!!

A SALUTE TO NAWANG – by Sarita Chaudhry

What are we

Just sparks of light

Floating towards

The impending darkness

Which one by one

Will end our lives

As death stood

With open arms

You swept past it

Courageously riding

The chariot of glory

And as death looked down

At its empty hands

You smiled from the skies

With twinkling eyes

A bright star

Inspiring mankind

How to reach

The celestial heights

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By Sarita Chaudhry

Mrs. Sarita Chaudhry is a close friend of Mrs. Geeta Kapadia. Sarita and Geeta were together in college and have been friends for over 25 years. Nawang has been on two treks to the Himalayas with Sarita. The Kapadia family shares a special bond with the Chaudhry family. The children of Mrs. Chaudhry, Rajeev, Vishal and Parul are close friends of Nawang and Sonam.

Zen Soldier’s Promise

N ew day dawns with mellow light

A nswering the calls of birds in flight

W hy as I wonder the inner strife

A nswer the call for a meaningful life

N ew day dawns with a mellow light

G row aglow till the noon so bright

K eeping our tryst with destiny

A nswering the calls from divinity

P lacing faith in infinite Nature

A nswering the calls from past I nurture

D iving in without any thought of future

I am with today , the now , the trinity

A nd know that we shall meet at infinity

To Go Like Them!

The winds of terror, in snow clad terrain
The scream of bullets-that deafens the brain.
The fear of end is so near
And it haunts the eyes-
But the determination to fight
Dominates the mind!

The fear no longer stays within
No care about – anything,
Oblivious to fate and what destiny holds
They charge right in dropping enemies like poles.
They fight like warriors
Stories of whom we have heard
They kill like brave soldiers
Leaving stories untold!

The final hour is here
The fright has gone
And so has the pain.
The faces that loved them
And those they cherished
Reach out from far-
Never, to meet again.
But the glow of satiety
And contentment stays
To have done their duties
And protected the name!”

To go like them
An honor so rare!
Their offerings
Have not been in vain,
We respect and salute them
Each day –
And shall always!

By Anushka

Anushka is a regular visitor to the site. She is from Dehra Dun and is currently studying at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her endevour is to bring to light as a journalist the sacrifice that our brave soldiers are making for us each day.