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Dying Lonely in The Dark

Maj Gen K S Randhir Sinh, AVSM,UYSM, SM of Rajpipla and title by Lt. Col. A.K. ‘Sam’ Sharma (1968)

Ah my friend they talk so loud

Of our brave heroes in the war

Of how they made the nation proud

Going smiling through the blood and gore

If only they new the deathly fear

Of shrapnel tearing you apart

The keening bullet past the ear

And dying lonely in the dark

They will never know of how they went

With terror shaking all their limbs

A life cut off before it’s spent

With not a shred left of their dreams

You do not honour but you do shame

Yourself and us who will follow them

Better your sons find their fame

In bribe and lust and trade amen