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Wearing the Khukri

Wearing the Badge

The badge should be worn on any item of clothing where it is prominently visible and is displayed with respect. The tip of the Khukri should be pointing upwards, as that represents the willingness of the soldier to defend the honour of India. The badge can be displayed on the notice board or on any item as long as it is worn with honour. Remember what the badge stands for an wear is accordingly.

My mother and I wearing the “Khukri of Honour”

“Khukri of Honour” on the lapel of a suit

Given below we have some experiences of people who have worn the badge.

Please do mail me about your experience in wearing the Khukri of Honour Badge. Mail me at khukri@nawang.com

Experience of Kumar Sparsh – April 10, 2007

Respected Sir,

I have worn the badge for more than three years and wear it proudly. People do come up to me and ask about it and I tell the story of Lt Kapadia, what he did, his background and how he died for his country. I am attaching a picture of mine which was taken during a shoot that I did on the IAF. I was interviewing Marshall of the Air force Arjan Singh. On seeing this badge he asked me about it and I explained. I am writing to you because recently I lost the badge I guess the pin broke and when I realized it was gone.i looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. Sir if possible please send me two more of these badges.

thanking you

Kumar Sparsh

Experience of Nitin Warier – January 7, 2007


It is with great honor and happiness, that I write to you. As mentioned earlier, I received the Badges sent by you. My father-in-law and I had decided to wear the badge at a family gathering. My father-in-law happened to meet an old friend of his, who’s a Brigadier with the Gorkha Rifles, and the latter was overjoyed to know the details of the badge.

We spoke proudly of the badge, and explained its significance to anyone who was keen to know what it was. I have attached a photo of my father-in-law, Col. P.V. Ravindran (100 Field Regiment) & me. The badges are displayed as suggested.

I take this opportunity to thank you for sending me the Badge of Honor. Its with utmost pride that the badge was displayed. I am really glad I was able to have the badge in possession during my stay in India.

Thank you so much for everything. May God bless Nawang’s family, and bring the same glory to every soldier of the Indian Armed Forces.

Warm Regards Nitin Warier

Experience of Abhinav Sharma December 31, 2010

My name is Abhinav Sharma from Gurgaon. I would like to share some words about Mr. Nawang Kapadia. I loved his courage and bravery and admire him the greatest of all. The thing i liked the most is his ledership he showed when he lead the platoon in the jungles of Kupwara. The ‘Khukri’ (Dagger) carried by the Gorkha Rifles and the Khukri of Honour made by you to comemorate his memory is magnificient. He fought against the terror fearlessly and showed a leading hand against them. I made a picture and attached it because I loved his bravery and courage. I am totally inspired by him.


Abhinav Sharma

Experience of Jay-Michael Baslow – February 20, 2011

Thank you again for sharing the badge and the story behind it. I will certainly visit the websites to find out more information. In an ironic twist, my driver from the airport on Friday morning was an older Englishman who had spent several years working in India and he told me a story about how his brother had been in the military and had taught English to some members of a Gorkha squad, so I was compelled to tell him the story of your brother and the 4/3 Gorkha Rifles. Small world.

Thanks & best regards,

Experience of Bill Jennison – September, 2012

I have worn the badge on many occasions and am pleased to relate the story of Lt Nawang. As you sent me two badges I passed one on to a particular friend of mine who served with me in the Army.

One particular day I attended the Merdeka celebration organised by the Malaysian Govt in this country with about 50 other veterans of the Malaysian Emergency during the 1950s. Not many of us left as time marches on and we are all getting older. Many of the English units served with the Gurkhas, as myself, I was attached to 26th Ghurkha Inf Bde. in that Emergency. (Politically it was not called a war even though over 3000 British soldiers lost their lives) Again I was wearing Nawang’s badge with the crossed khukri badge of the Gurkha Rifle Bde. Again relating your story to those who asked and telling them of your web site.

September 2012

The attached photo shows myself (in the middle) with two colleagues at the Merdeka Celebrations held by the Malaysia Govt last month in the UK. Myself and my colleague on my left are both wearing the memorial kukhri in memory of Lt Nawang Kapadia. When you dispatched the badge to me you sent two and so I gave the spare to my colleague. All three of us veterans in the photo served with the Gurkhas, 26 Gurkha Inf Bde, in Malaya in 1956/59 and all claim an infinity for them and we are proud to wear the memorial khukri. Many other veterans who were present asked the significance of the badge and we told them of Lt Nawang.