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Peace Logo

Description on the Logo

This is a circular logo with the circle being defined by 25 olive green stars. The center of the logo is a red rose supported by two khukri daggers.

Meaning of the Logo

The Twenty Five stars represent each year in the life of Nawang. Nawang was born on December 15, 1975 and died on November 11, 2000. Each stars represents a rich and shining memory of the years of his life.

The red rose symbolizes love for all men. Nawang bravely went to rescues a fellow soldier from his unit. The roses also represents the “Peace Park” in Siachen Glacier being proposed by Harish Kapadia. Siachen in the local language means a Garden of Roses

The two Khukri daggers stand for the valour of the Gorkhas in Battle. These mild mannered people become ferocious fighters in war. Lt. Nawang was a Gorkha Officer and was proud to command the finest fighting troops in the world. The upward pointing edges of the dagger represent the willingness of the Gorkhas to fight and defend the integrity of India.

Use of the Logo

The logo can be used in all communication, letters and e-mails. We have prepared three templates that can be used for letters. Please feel free to use these or to make your own.

Letter Head Template 1

Letter Head Template 2

Letter Head Template 3

Download the logo to make your own letter head