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Mountainscape Paintings

A Series of Mountainscapes by Geeta Kapadia

The year was 2007, Sonam’s wife Charu was with us for two years ,and laughter and joy entered our life once again.

The colours and brushes that I had kept aside ,came out of their boxes ,and soon my canvasses were full of images that had been hidden inside me for past so many years.

The strong , bold rocks and magnificent towering peaks ,came out from my memory and my fingers tightened the hold on the brush as the colours spread strokes after strokes to bring out the beauty of Himalayan landscapes on my canvass. The vast expanse of Siachen glacier, the overpowering Everest , Peak of Shivling in Garhwal, one by one I completed many paintings.

As a family we all loved mountains ,and happy memories of time spend together with Nawang gave me the strength to paint with bright colours. The cobalt blue sky , red and purple mountains in evening light , the white snow shinning against these wonderful colours