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Temple in Nanda Devi

Temple in Nanda Devi Sanctuary

Harish Kapadia, was the leader of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation expedition which trekked to the Nanda Devi Sanctuary, in June 2001. At the expedition base camp, named Chaubata (meaning, meeting of 4 routes), a small stone temple was constructed and dedicated to Goddess Nanda in memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia. All members and porters joined hands to collect stones and made this small structure. Inside the temple we offered and hanged a small bell, which is the usual offering given to Goddess Nanda. This particular bell was specially given by Ms. Vinita Muni, a family friend from Mumbai. Dr. M. N. Sharma of the Indian Air Force (who was member of the team) conducted the religious ceremonies and we offered prayers to inaugurate the temple. This small temple would possibly recall the memories of Lt. Nawang Kapadia to all who would visit the Sanctuary.