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Nawang Bhai – by Tanaya Apte

My brother, my friend, my childhood playmate

I wish I could have known you as an adult,

I wish we could have talked and laughed and joked about life at an age where I would

Have understood and appreciated you as the person you became

I wish I could tell you how much you feature in my memories of childhood

I wish I could express how much you meant to me

I wish I could say “I have two brothers”

I wish I wasn’t at a loss for words when your friends discuss what kind of a person you

Were in your teens and twenties.

If only we had kept in touch instead of a few infrequent visits

You helped me realise how important family is

You made me realise that you have to enjoy every moment you get

If only you were here to enjoy some of those moments with us

If only it was not too late for us to get reacquainted

If only you could be standing next to me when I talk about “my brother – my hero.”

By Tanaya Apte

Tanay Apte is Nawang’s cousin sister. Her family and she have spent most of her childhood on the same road where my family stays. She spend a month with us in December 2000 after the sad incident and relived many happy memories of her childhood with Nawang.