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Nawang – by Sheela Jaywant

I envy you the passion

With which you did the task, that work.

The compassion

You felt when an injured mate fell. No shirk-

Ing, no fear, hesitation, nor fault.

You sensed danger, ordered cover, but didn’t halt.

You must have been ecstatic, in the knowledge

That you had in you that latent, potent courage

That none but you knew of till that moment.

It was then or never. It was sufficient

For you to have discovered you had in you

What out of many millions but a few

Have: Guts.

No buts,

Duty had to be done and you did it,

The cost was irrelevant.

You know, wherever you are,

That most live for years together without living at all

And for you, life came crowding into one precious hour.

One speeding bullet made you fall.

And raised in many hearts respect, pride,

Some showed it openly, some did hide

The fact that they, like me,

Also felt a sense of envy

For what I (or they) haven’t/couldn’t have done

For self, for the country, for anyone.

By Sheela Jaywant

Sheela Jaywant is the sister of Geeta Kapadia. As someone who was married to a soldier, she has been familiar with men in uniform, those who have displayed courage in its highest form, and a few who have sacrificed their lives because of it, for India. She believes that soldiers on the field never die. Their spirit lives on strongly around those who have known them, always.