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Nawang Experiences

Whenever a tragedy strikes a family or a person, it throws up a variety of experiences. We always believe that everything is painful and sad. All experiences that one goes through on such an tragic event are not necessarily bad. Naturally there is personal pain to family, friends and many others. But the society as such is not heartless, not uncaring. Many of the experiences are of different categories, most positive.

You always read in the newspapers or hear from concerned persons about how a death has changed the lives of a family, which it always does. You also hear about various difficulties that are thrown up by such tragic events, particularly to the family members. May it be in living, getting compensations, sorting out economic and financial affairs or reactions from people around you.

However, I would like to mention some of the events that we the Kapadia family have experienced after death of Lt. Nawang Kapadia. These are not exceptional experiences , but positive, which strengthens your belief in goodness of humanity, the ‘system’ and people around you.

I call them “Nawang Experiences”. Was he guiding them ?

As I said at the beginning, I call these “Nawang Experiences”. Was he guiding them ?

I hope to write about individuals, messages received, e mail exchanges and many other such experiences later.

(By Harish Kapadia)