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Busy Mess Detachments

From Major Gopal Mitra

“Dear Geeta Aunty,

Hope Uncle and you are well. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding. I have been traveling and just got back to London to find this beautiful mail. I can indeed visualize the incident narrated by Maj. Praveen, it is so Nawang like.

Whenever I think of Nawang, the one thing that comes to mind is what a gentleman he was always -on this occasion treating his juniors with respect, while making a point. Our paths crossed several times during joint operations in Kashmir, sometimes meeting Nawang in a forest, or on a mountain ridge or in a village- I have seen him with his men-they really loved him! That I think is the test of a true officer.

We spent the Diwali of 2000 together in Srinagar. Both 4/3 and 15 Mahar were inducted to Srinagar, for a short while, to provide security cover for a Cycle Rally for Peace, which was supposed to end at Bakshi Stadium and the CM was supposed to attend.

Have some good memories of eating and drinking together. Both of us loved to eat and we kept our mess detachments really busy. The mess at Srinagar, in which we were staying had a TT board and we played a lot of Table Tennis too. I very fondly remember those days and the association. “