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Government Claims

Claims from the Government

– Harish Kapadia

The Indian Army looks after the family of their deceased soldiers well financially too. But more importantly everything that we received was done by none of us running from pillar to post as we hear many times. By letters we were informed of the dues and entitled benefits. With minimum formalities the claims and dues were settled. Lt. Nawang Kapadia’s unit 4 / 3 Gorkha Rifles looked after all the paperwork and we had to simply sign on the dotted lines and everything moved. May be in our case matter was not complicated as Nawang was unmarried and a ‘Battle Casualty’. In its own time everything followed and we were looked after in all aspects.

Few days after the funeral, Wing Commander Malvankar visited us. He was the chief ‘Sainik Welfare Officer’ for Maharashtra State. He on his own came to inform us that we as the family are entitled to special Grants from Government of Maharashtra. His representatives visited our home after that, filled all the required forms and delivered to us the compensation due, without my visiting his office even once.

We hear about corruption in receiving the grants, the delays in receiving entitled benefits and many complain about running around to obtain the benefits. Again our experience was completely different. Everything was received with honour, with minimum paperwork and almost sitting at home.