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LIC Branch No 907

Life Insurance Corporation Branch No. 907

– Harish Kapadia

Nawang had some life insurance policies which were with Branch No. 907 of the Life Insurance Corporation of India, in the Fort area. Here again we hear of people finding it difficult to get money from their LIC policies upon death of a person. With my agent Ilesh Kotecha, I visited the branch and lodged the claim on a Tuesday and next Thursday all the cheques were with me. The LIC had instructions that in case of a death of an army officer in battle no procedures apart from obtaining a simple death certificate is required and all the claims must be settled within a week. I had no lines to stand in, no questions asked and no elaborate paperwork to undertake.

One Punjabi lady, Ms. Sunita, was dealing with my file at the LIC. She called me aside and said how sorry she was on death of Lt. Nawang Kapadia.

“This department deals with death cases only. We settle all claims of people who die, many times young and in accidents. But I told my boss, please do not give me this case. I felt so upset after reading about his sacrifice. But I had to do this. I am so much moved by Lt. Nawang’s death that my family, my husband and friends, we all have been discussing this”.

This coming from a semi-government office, where we feel that people are heartless was something we would cherish. From all corners the support pours.