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Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Tea Packaging

The Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre(PRC) in Kirkee, Pune is a Charitable Public Trust which is engaged in physical, psychological, financial rehabilitation of Paraplegic and Quadriplegic ex-servicemen of the Indian Armed Forces, who are confined to wheelchairs as a result of injury to their spinal cord.

The Tea Packing project at the PRC provides an opportunity to these persons to be involved in an activity which stimulates their minds and also enables them to earn with dignity and honor.

Packed in each chestlet is DARJEELING Tea of exotic flavor .

ENJOY the taste ! ENCOURAGE the effort!

Nett Weight 200gm
MRP Rs. 200.00

send orders/enquiries to:
Ravi Thapa
+91 9890230396
Pune, India