Nawang’s Diary at the OTA

Nawang’s Diary at the Officer’s Training Academy Chennai

Nawang maintained a very detailed diary during his first term at the OTA. We are presenting his diary here with the expectation that it will provide a flavour of life at the OTA toaspirants to the Indian Army and others who are interested in the life of cadets.

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Diary Entry

25th October  1999
After two weeks of celebrations and farewell, the time has come for the final goodbye. It all started with filling up the form and getting it attested in college and then came the written test in the Oct. Then the good new of the clearing that too. The journey to Allahabad, full of anticipation and HOPE. I met Nikhil Pillay, Shiby, Tall and Manish. Screening was very confusing. No one knew who was right and what was ’right’. Made it through that and was in the last 15 out of 66. Start out with the physiological tests and mathematical abilities test. Move on the Situation Reaction Tests and so on. I think I made good friend with the other 14 in the days that we spent together. Command Tasks and group discussions were so much fun. One of the group from Rajasthan had some very serious views on marriage and wife. But it always take all to make the world. I think I did OK in the Command Task. No one really dominated them anyway. The next day during the snake race etc.  I was OK again. It is all so new and so much like a game, so much fun. I have a good interview! Col. Mohan I am sure was impressed. He asked me all about HBK, SHK, GHK and how argued with them and my views on reservation etc. I managed  9 out of 10 in individual obstacles which was better than most. Always think toe! It always helps. MADE IT! Now chest no 13, Kapadia Nawang R. No. 020327, RSNL : 70325 us selected to proceed for medical tests!

UNFIT DNS (L), Squamous Blepharitis and overweight!

Back in Mumbai after a trek to Kinnaur.  Went and got the DNS operation done and also got the eyes checked. INHS Ashvini cleared me in 2 but am still overweight. Now what? Is this the end? Sardarji messes up paper. Sends them to Delhi when they need to go to Pune. I go on a strict diet and jog daily, touching 6-10kms. Help and good wishes of people are always there. Discover the pleasure of jogging at PDP. Feels good being able to jog 6-8 kms in once evening or morning. Sqn Leader Walter Mascerhanes helps. Shows very easy looking but effective exercises.

Papers mixed up. No correspondence from Army. What is happening? Go to Pune, all set to be weighed along with Arif Pathan. Nothing happens. They have no news about anything. What do now? Ashivini has sent the papers to Rtg Division. Major Aman Nugyal helps. I call up Rtg Director they give some more confusing signals. Am helpless. Decide to fly to Delhi and try and clear out some things myself there. Stay with Aman and Anjali. Met Rtg Division and he tells me it is all now in the handles of the Medical Director (DGNS) Col Pradhan, great guy. Very helpful. Orders my medical in Delhi itself. Things seem to be moving now. At last. Met Tally in Delhi. He has helped so many people he is now a hospital expert. Knows whom to meet, pamper and keep happy. I spent most of my time waiting to be checked and then finally cleared it. One whole week in anticipation of being weighted and then on a Saturday I was finally weighted.

It was party time then onwards. Starting at home with pizzas with Nikhil and Tally. Then next day a big breakfast with Gen Nugyal and family. Next 2 days spent just waiting for my Medical Board and drinking beer and parting. Back in Mumbai!!

Went to the Thai Pavallion with Ma, Sonam, Reshma, Arif, Suhail and the Doc. Had a great time. This signalled the beginning of partying in Bombay. Then over the next month went for dinner to Rodhan Kaka’s house, Dr. Burjor, Mrinal’s had a farewell dinner at home with all the ‘Mountaineers’ gang and more biryani at the Pathan’s residence, lunch with Siddhanand Bhauji, dinner with Aruna Maushi and Anju Maushi, dinner with friends at home and lunch with Savita Maushi and huge ice-cream desserts with friends. In between went to Ratnagiri where Mrinal and Angya were doing their internship. Had a wonderful time.

So all this finally lead to the 25th October when I caught the train from VT for Chennai. There were 2 more guys in the same train also going to Officer’s Training Academy (OTA). The next whole day in train and then Chennai. 80-90 guys from all over India were present, met Tally once again.

27th October 1999
Finally Officer’s Training Academy (OTA). Very impressive!! As I entered the gates of the Academy the prefix Gentleman Cadet or GC is put before the name, and that is how once introduced oneself. GC Nawang Kapadia. I am part of the ‘Shivaji Battalion’, ‘Meiktila Company – II’. Tally is also in the same company and my room-mate. Have to loudly wish every senior how many every time one sees them. No wishing lady cadets, no eating with hands, no speaking in Hindi! Had a typically cadet hair-cut. Have to wear the OTA tie, white-shirt without pockets, black trousers with one pleat and no loops and black brogues shoes (which I do not have). Met a lot of Seniors and got lots of tips on how to conduct oneself in the Academy. It is going to be very tough. My room-mates are Pawan Kumar, Rajneesh Panwar and Aashish Talwar. In the movie hall inside the Academy saw ‘Dumb and Dumber’ once more. Discipline is always strict and life is going to get exciting and bloody fast paced.
28th October 1999
Started out with early morning fall-ins and helping the Seniors. There is nothing much to do at night now. Everything is so new exciting. Have to jog to eat food also. Gets sweaty but saves time. Met all our seniors. Strict guys
29th October 1999
Had an early morning call home. Need to get my CALL LETTER. Met Capt. Chauhan, who is Meiktila’s  Platoon Commander. Had to stand in the sun for 2 hours in Vishram or Savdhan, enough to tire us. Have to run around everywhere. Had an Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) Darshan with JCO Rajesh Parmar. Saw the PT ground, P Hill from where we could see the whole Academy, the Air-port, St. Thomas Mount and the Swimming Pool. Saw the library, grounds etc. Huge place.
30th October 1999
Had a 3:00 AM ‘Shave Parade’ and the general running routine. Had a free morning session and got our cycles issued. Came back and went for football. Good TP (Time pass). Have to get ready for some serious work now. Sr. G.C. Avinash Nair is relegated and will now be transferred to Kohima Company. He has been the best in physicals and is in trouble because of drinking. Just a few days to go before the finals of the first term came back drunk and got into trouble. Tonight have to get ready for some 2:00AM ‘Shave Parade’. Nothing much just to get some discipline and urgency in us.
31st  October 1999
Last day of T.P. Went for a morning jog with Sr. G.C. Vikas Mondal who is my overstudy and is from Devlali. His father is a JCO and is now retired in Devlali. He is the best in Academy in Drill. We went for OTA Darshan II with him. Had some more paper work sorted out and played football. I got selected in the ‘B’ football team. At the Meiktila Ante room where it was SUO H.S. Grewal’s birthday. There was a piece of cake, singing, mimicry etc for everyone. Good T.P. before the course which starts tomorrow. Saw “Haseena Man Jayegi” in the academy. Shit movie.

1st November 1999

Had an early morning fall in at the Company HQ where a prayer is read, then we went to the drill square where the drill Ustad Manohar Lal from ‘Dogra’ took us for another OTA Darsha III. We then had a fall in at the Chankaya Auditorium for an introductory address by Col G.Q. , Col. Adm & Adj Battalion Commander. Basically a mix of welcome, dos & don’ts about the Academy etc. At the battalion HQ the Company Commander Capt. Chauhan made us wait for a long time. Had to do a lot of running around. The Demo Company here which shows us hot to carry out ambushes, lay mines etc, is from Sikh Regiment had a good work-out by the AVO  Utpal S. More. He and Sr G.C. Mondal are from Maharashtra. We shall be issued our combat gear soon. With the Velcro labels etc. Things are happening….
2nd November 1999
Started with an early morning shave parade. They are a bother. Then had some PT where did light warm up and jogging. Went to Chankaya for a lecture cum film cum demo on camouflage. Two Sikh soldiers were dressed very smartly and hidden in the bushes. Having late night jogging and exercises is becoming the order of the day. Sr.G.C. Mondal and AVO have said we should sham them as much as possible. It is the unsystematic and dangerous. A few have got hurt doing stupid jumps and runs.
3rd November 1999
Had PT only today. Got our dangari’s in camouflage colour. They will also get our name stuck on a velcro on them and a name-plate for our formal uniforms. Nothing very special happening. Went to CSD etc. All the batch mates are so very varied and I wonder how very mature. Some have such stupid and childish problems, it is not funny. Some guys just go on being one up on their coursemates or get ahead of each other. We all have a long way to go in disciplining ourselves, I guess.
4th November 1999
Seniors are very angry today. One fool from M-1 removed his shoes in lecture. How stupid! Justifies my thoughts. I kept on getting drills (push-ups) thanks to other people’s mess ups. Not fair. But then life is not meant to be fair is it? Had a dirty night drill and got very dirty. The clothes are now part of the DPR (Dirty P.T. Rig)

5th November  1999

Stayed awake continuously after the shave parade. Had a very interesting lecture/demo on the functions and formations of a Military Section. The demos are given about the various kinds of formations a section of infantry soldiers would walk, attack in. It was very interesting but was feeling so very sleepy…not funny. Seniors have gone for a long hike, so it is peaceful today. Manish, Shibu and Pillay have arrived. Manish is with us.

6th November 1999

Today is Diwali day and a holiday at the OTA. No official training. The senior are also in a good mood to start out with. Sr. G.C. Panali makes us dance to some heavy metal songs and generally have a good times. There is some PT in the evening. There the Big Diwali Party at the PT ground. We have lots of fire works and good entertainment. The seniors have been given a day of liberty on Sunday and the Jr have been allowed to visit the Ice-cream parlour.

7th November 1999

Today is an day off +liberty. Starts with SCM giving us a good workout. Then spend time with AVO Utpal S. More and Sr. G.C. Vikas Mandal before they left for town. Went to the IP and had lots and lots of ice-cream. Went to the café  also. Sad place. Called up Dr. Patnaik. They all went home for Diwali. I guess Ma cried too. Saw “Hello Brother” at Chankya. Sad once more . Had cake at the Company Ante Room to celebrate Diwali

8th November 1999

Had a major ragda in the drill. Two periods of it. Wore DMS shoes, white shirts and shorts, belt and beret cap. Cool. Have a Demo/lecture on an Infantry formation of a Section. How they march, form, consists of, weapons they use. At the PT field Malik screwed up with SUO H.S. Grewal and he ordered a major PT session. There was a dinner night today. Ad mock representation of how Regimental Dinners would be like. It went on for eternity. Everyone was hungry after the dinner, also I bet.  In the night there was a major PT session a the PT ground. I have already had a session with CSM. Which is going to be a regular session in the future.

9th November 1999

Today 2 periods of PT. Lots of running, sprinting, jumping, sit-ups etc etc. Essentially. Wore the Dangeries for the first time with DMS, shoes, pouches and belt. Had an essential Weapons Training lecture and demo. Saw the firing of  INSAS 5.56mm, LMG, Carbine,0.9MM pistol, rocket launchers, grenade launchers,  flares, etc. State with Map Reading. This is a very essential. Not easy to stay awake due to late night ragda,4:00 am shave parade, the 1.5 hours PT. Naturally there are errors in map reading. Had a work-out with CSM. Ran2 kms and did a variety of exercises. If only they let us sleep more.

10th November 1999

Saw the movie ‘The Negotiator’ had a good ragda session

11th November 1999

There was a lecture and demo of Mohiniattam organised by Spicmacy. Most people slept through it. But the seniors took us to task for it.

12th November 1999

Had a good Weapons Training class where I reached big time late. Skipped breakfast and went directly for the class. Having no cycle is a major curse. Things went smoothly after that

13th November 1999

Seniors went for a ‘March and Shoot” contest. Meiktila declared unofficial winners. Sr. G.C. Mandal 2nd and CMS T. Singh 1st.

14th November 1999

Got transferred to Meiktila –I along with Islam and A.K. Sinha. Feels a bit sad and tough. Have got used to M-II. Have to break into a new group of friends etc. It will help in the long run as I will know both the groups very well.

I am staying away from the main barracks, which means interaction is less but freedom is more. Slept throughout the ‘Sangharsh’ movie.


15th November 1999

Had a class on tactics. Cool stuff. Judging distances etc. Am settling in M-I. They have major ‘doubts’ among them

16th November 1999

Had out PT test. Did as expected.

2-4 kms below 12 mins

No toe touches.

1 chin-up

100m, good 13-15 sec

35 sit ups, Good

14 side way runs, fail. 15=pass

Nothing to worry though, lots behind and lots ahead. Have to work real hard and catch up with the best. Got the Music and Drama club


17th November 1999

Had an intro to ‘Engineers’. Interesting stuff. But I am all for Infantry. Stocked up from canter. We for the 1st M&D club. Capt Chauhan in charge. Accidentally broke a guitar. Will tell GC Gogai now. Good entertaining stuff otherwise. Will try out elocution passages in the club. Told GC Mandal about it. He will speak to GC Gogai Sir tomorrow. No shame…no fear. Will report sick tomorrow

18th November 1999

Went to MI Room for check-up of the eyes. Have redness since the past 7-8 days. Nothing much. Had an excellent class on Tactics on firing positions and fire positing. This is what Infantry is
going to all about.One bullet…one enemy. That is what you are trained for. To be the best Infantry Platoon Commander.Someone has complained about something about the Senior. Seniors are angry about it. Had a good long chat with Corporal V.D. Singh. Great guy. Full of stories and time pass etc. Have informed Gogai Sir about the broker guitar, he said he will look into it. Let’s see what happens. I have a clean conscience. Nothing to hide at the Academy. Torrow is a New Day.Just received a letter from Brig Randhir Sinh from HQ 16 Corps. He has adviced me to join Infantry as that “is the only arm worth serving in”.  I anyway hope to join the infantry unit. But all this is far away. There are many things to be done before I cam capable enough for that. But one day…

19th November 1999

Now we have regular Battalion Office fall ins. This was not there in M-II. Have to always rush after lunch. Did not swim due to eye infection. The weather here is getting murky. Occasional rains and no sunshine. M-I does not seem to have the unity that M-II had. Individual screw-ups are more that M-II. But overall both Platoons are still “Laghra


”. I guess we all have a long way to go before we become a strong cohesive group.

20th November 1999

Had a lecture/demo on field signals. Good stuff. All various signals to be used in battle. Did not get shoes of my size from Needs. Met the Company Commander Maj Dahia for the first time. He is from Sikh LI. Sonam expected tomorrow.

21st  November 1999

Had a good morning PT. Then was interviewed by Capt Acharya.General stuff. Met Sonam. Spent 3-4 hrs with his. Telling him generally about the Academy, training etc.  Called up Baba, Reshma. Arif, Suhail, Mrinal. Sonam got all the stuff I needed plus lots more. Now there are lots of snacks and nutritional supplements with me. We all missed movie cause we reached the theatre very late.

22nd  November 1999

Third wee! PT is getting more and more tough. Which is very good as it will help down the line.

‘The more you sweat during the PEACE

The less you bleed during WAR’

Had our fist demo with rifles. How to open them, clean them etc. The JCOs were from various Infantry Units. Great mix of the Infantry and other Regiment The JOCs are the men who really finally help the officers o the ground. In all PT class ether are introducing some Yoga. I am now Demo in Yoga. Cool!! Got our ID cards today. There are issue items and loss can mean havoc and major problems. Am enjoying the snacks Sonam got. Will later go to Sr. GC Mandal to AVO for TP. Tomorrow is another holiday. Plus Seniors have an out pass. Guru Nanak Day. Let’s see what is in store for us.


23rd  November 1999

Guru Nanak Day! Went to the Gurudwara just outside the gate near MH. After ‘Mattha Teka


’ had snacks and got back. Relaxed in the evening, which is a bit luxury. Had nice and easy day. Finally got down to washing clothes. Boring!

24th November 1999

Football matches start today!’ Up Up Meiktil’,’ Mighty Meiktila’ etc.did not help. We lost 2 and won 1. This is going to be out daily routie for the next two day also. Some manor ‘lafda


’ as over 22 guys are Medical Cate. Many for stomach related problems. I am cool

25th November 1999

More football matches and shouting etc.

“Those who don’t know

So we tell them

Ware the Meiktilites

Mighty Mighty Meiltilites

Meiltilites are dynamites”

All this did not help. Out Alpha team was below part and Charlie team had major defence and gk problems. Not every interesting matches either


26th November 1999

Last day of football matches for the Meiktila. Nothing very exciting. We were never very good.

27th November 1999

Went for WT training at the Small Arm Training School (SATS) where there is a machine through which you can practice firing like a real gun and also get the same jerk, visual distance.

28th November 1999

Holiday! HA! Went for a 11-12 kms run. Hard to believe it was so long. Felt good. All the hard work done in Bombay is definitely helping. Had a puppet show, which I have no idea about. Tried out Tent Pitching in anticipation of Camp Pravesh.

29th   November 1999

Have major map reading classes now. Daily 3-4 classes on MR. interesting and important things. LDat P Hill, grandstand

30th  November 1999

Met GC V. Duggal who is leaving because of damage to his cartilage. He is from Bombay and knows Raj Kapadia; Narayanbhai’s grandson. Good guy. He was from Jai Hind college too and we knew a few common names there

1st December 1999

Life is getting very fast. Rush for class, PT, Battalion Office, fall-ins. Have to get punished for other GCs doubts. That is SAD. Idiots get caught smoking and land us all in trouble. It spoils everyone’s mood and it no fun. We went out for a Routine March in the evening with Capt Acharya for around 15 kms. This is preparation for Camp Pravesh. First major walk in the DMS shoes and Dangris. Had hourly fall-ins, every hour on the hour!

2nd December  1999

Had BPT today. Rifles, single belt and running with it. Felt tough and tiresome running with a rifles and Dangris. Have to get used to it real fast. Final prep for Camp Pravesh

3rd December 1999

Camp Pravesh! Went to the NTA area from where we went for a point to point march with DS. To get familiar with map reading and working as a team. Got Reshma’s letter. Feels good to get letters from friends. I am lucky to have such good friends. It is a rare thing. Hope I never misplace the trust, faith and integrity necessary for it. A lot of guys here but except a few non are like the great friends back home. First time since coming here I have missed home, family and friends. Considering I spend so much time talking with her late at night, general TP etc. I do not know why I sometimes realise that my chosen profession is going to force me to be away from home, family and friends for long periods of time. This really makes me miss them. Just talking to them TP etc. I will be making new friends but I guess these guys will always be very special and important.

Had a tent pitching contest where we were very goof and finishing third in the course. Later in the evening started with tent pitching and camp layout. Then had a nice observation demo practice from PHill. Capt Acharya doing some good TP with us. Stayed awake unti 2:30 -3:00 digging snake trenches, fire precautions, camp layout etc.


4th  December 1999

Went for an early morning Race Back Competition. We started out very well and got first 4 CP in good time There made a blunder and almot reached the 6th pt. Had to come back all the way and go back again. Timing suffered. M-II Bravo could not find it due to some major stupid case and spend 3-4 kms going to rt and rt into the ANTE areas. So M came last. Naushera 1st. Tent pitching 1st my group.  Tent layout nowhere.

5th December 1999

Seniors had come back after 40 kms walk so were in not in mood for much of PT. Had general exercise and stretching. Went to the Kote for a clean-up and oiling of rifles. Then more clean-ups and fall-ins. We had to sweat it for mistakes of one cadet. Stupid and frustrating.  Saw ‘Hum Apke Dil Mein Rehte Hai’. Managed to see half of it and then nothing much. Seniors have their Drill Test tomorrow, so helped Sr. GC. Aseem Grover with his uniform. In the ANTE Room had a fall-in where the victory cake for tent pitching was cut and distributed. M-I Alpha was 1st and Charlie as 2nd.

6th   December 1999

Got a feel of the assault course wearing small packs and pouches. Only the co ft.wall is very tough everything else is reasonable to easy.

Had a major weapons training class. All 5 periods of it. Hav. F.S. Rawat of 19 Rajputs took our classes. There was a lot of rolling, running with it too. We learnt basic rifles loading/unloading positions, firing positions.

Overstudies have been changed again. Now I am understudy to Sr. GC. Vyas.


7th  December 1999

A lot of people lack basic sense. They way people mess-up it is not funny. GC Pranav Ranjan writes abuses about Seniors in his diary. How very childish and naïve. The Seniors have been good to us and very very sporting and fair. People to want to challenge authority all the time. How can that ever work? 8 fools smoking in the barracks, violating simple rules, breaking line and mess discipline. These are simple things. We all have to adapt over to the military disciplines. It is tough but NOT that toughs as these guys make it out to be.

8th  December 1999

Have to run from drill to WT. No time for breakfast. Feel so hungry and tired. Really need to stock up on snacks. Luckily, Capt Acharya is cool about fall-ins and insists we have lunch  even if we are a little late. Went to M&D club,good TP. Listen to some songs, jokes etc. Slept through ‘Armageddon’

9th December  1999

Had an equestrian lesson. Just saw the horse and how to hold the reins etc.  There was a major lecture by Dr. Malvia on ‘India’s Nuclear Program’. Good interesting topic and a very smart well known man.

Wrote an essay for the essay competition. Topic :” A career in the Armed Forces is loosing its past Glory. In the coming millennium will it be able to attract the right kind of youth?” Let’s see what happens.

Had a major fall-in. Hurt my back+ shoulder a little due to the rolls. Nothing much.

Spoke to Ma, Baba, Reshma, Arif and Sohail. Sonam is in Chennai and would be dropping suite-case for me.


10th  December 1999

Seniors are leaving for Bangalore for 2 days. Life will be a little easier. Still have 6am drill tomorrow. Got the message that someone had come with a packet at the RP gate. No one turned up later. Seniors have left. Means we can visit IP and café and be a little more relaxed. Sleep for an hour or so more. Hope I can stuff myself with ice-cream tomorrow

11th  December 1999

So seniors. Life is a little more relaxed and one does not need to look over the shoulder while eating. Not much free time though. Had 5 lectures of WT, where again I dosed off. Then quickly had a bit at the café. Not too much time. Got the chance to go out at attend the “Eastern Command Naval Band” playing a variety of tunes and marches. Felt so great getting out of the OTA gates.  Looking at the world through almost non-civilian eyes. It will be getting like that more and more. There will be a far greater change in my outlook, approach but my integrity and courage will always be true. The band played the classic “Sare Jahan Se Achcha” very well and an excellent adaptation of “Vaishnav Jan”. On coming back, rushed to IP for some quick bites.

12th December 1999

GC Manish Chaudhary disappears again! Have a good morning run. Seniors arrive and have a little punishment. The day is otherwise surprisingly relaxed and slow paced. Thankfully. I really needed the rest and sleep. Saw “Pyaar Me Khabhi Khabi” good songs. Ok movie. Sr. GC Vyas is going to really help me toe touching and chin-ups. He is encouraging and firm. I need to pull up my socks and get going. Time is running out and I need to get going in the right way. It is not too tough but I just have to follow the basics and most importantly be true to myself and have self belief. The REST is a piece of cake.

13th   December 1999

Today is the first day of the new week!! A Zee TV crew is in OTA shooting for a programme called “Vijay Jyoti” Former Miss India Gul Panag is there so there is a lot of general excitement all around. We had a lunch which was well laid out and was better than usual. The handball tournament started today. Meiktila won all the 3 strings and every is over the moon. Cpl Lalit Prakash’s mother passed away. He has left for Delhi. Capt. Chauhan came to the barracks and drove him to the airport. I think that was a very nice gesture on his part. Army sure builds good team spirit and it is made by gestures and men like these.

14th  December 1999

Received the money order. Feels better now. Today the Alpha team lost the match by a big margin in front of Gul Panag. Capt. Acharya ordered a bajri order for the team and a full Company fall-in. We went for a night camp-fire cum song night out at NTA. The Zee crew shot us there too. Later after delaying as much as we could we went for Capt. Acharya’s fall-in. he really explained the reason for the need for such fall-ins well. There are no mercies on the battlefield. Only the meanest and most aggressive soldiers survive. We had a good work-out and slept like logs.

15th  December 1999

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 24 today. Day started out with Murga, legs on the wall, rifle squats, cat walk etc. Went to the Juice bar first time with Sr. GC Vyas.  Good stuff. Had a goo time at the M&D club. Later at night Sr. GC Vyas took me and GC Aman Sharma to the IP celebrate my birthday. We started out by sharing a butterscotch family pack, then a chocobar, kulfi and then mango ripple. Later at night Cpl V.D. Singh make others celebrate my birthday by making them do push-ups to my count and wish me while coming up. All in good spirit

16th December  1999

Got a card from home + Natasha. We won 2 matches in handball. Still all the players had a fall-in. some misunderstanding between Sr. GC Vyas and Sr. GC Virdi about taking understudies to IP. Sr. GC Virdi was cool about it with me though and wished me today. All seems settled now.

17th  December 1999

Had a tough drill period. The Ustad was amazing at giving orders and really took us to task. Meiktila lost the hand-ball  finals. We were all expecting a major fall-in due to that. Infact Capt Acharya took the whole team to the café and treated them.

18th  December 1999

We had a night navigation l/d at the NTA. It was very cloudy so we did nothing much. Listened to Capt Acharya tell various stories about his operations and the Units he has been in touch with.

19th December 1999

Had another 12 km run. Then Kothe. Nothing too interesting. Saw”Daud” movie. Sad movie. Met Malav and another friend of his. He has put on some weight and lost some more hair. I am sure he is having a good time. JUO B. Balakrishnan took us all to the Café. He first explained thing to us and then took us. I do not think the platoon has yet understood the seriousness of the course and the responsibilities that go with the 2 stars. Well I guess we shall all learn with time and improve ourselves and become better men.

20th   December 1999

Day for NI march. We went by bus to the starting point, which was outside the OTA. Waited till dark and then started out along with Capt Acharya. I was the Pacer and did make a blunder. Our direction was correct and we overshot out point. We found the other points very easily and quickly. Walking in the dark was good fun and helps to learn a lot. A lot of marching and navigation in the future during CIOPs will be done in the dark and it is the training here which is going to make the difference.

21st  December 1999

Had another 5 lessons of WT. Learned ‘Dhava’ drill. Where how to charge at the enemy is learnt and understood. It us all about being aggressive, loud and overbearing. Making the enemy feel our might and tremble at our sight. More of this drill will follow. In the evening we went to visit a Magazine where all the ammunition of the Academy is kept. It is a protected structure with thick walls and no ventilation. I got wet along the way. Having no rain-cape is going to be a problem. I hope I can settle this soon this. The rain has made the weather very pleasant and comfortable.

22nd December 1999

More rain! Our class was shifted to the rifle range. Capt Acharya taught us and also told us various incidents. His classes are always light humoured. M& D class was a wash out due to the Debate practice. I wish I had taken part. I bet I would have been good. The movie got cancelled. Instead there was a lecture by a former OTA cadet and now a serving IAS on various aspects of ‘bureaucracy and Army’. Interesting. Tomorrow is firing!

23rd December  1999

Firing day! We all went and got our service rifles first thing in the morning. Packs and pouches were polished and put accordingly. We were warned that WT Ustads always make us do a lot of PT and discipline is of prime importance. On reaching the range, we were send to SATS, Small Arms Training School, for ‘Group’ firing. Which means we have to fire and try and put all the 5 bullets as close to each other. The first time I got to load a rifle was something! I took aim and click….the round had not loaded properly. The start 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I got 8 ans which is good. When I fired I knew I was feeling a little something. It was a live round with ‘Shoot to Kill’ written in bold in front of me. In the Army, especially in the Infantry WT is probably the most important lesson to be learnt. My life depends on it and so does that of the men with me. The recoil was not ‘that much’. I think with the some more practice, I should become much better. Went for the Debate Competition- SAD!

24th  December 1999

Got to do some TP in computer cal. I have Dileep R as my buddy. He is hard working but does not grasp things very fasts. I taught him a few things in the Comp. Had a good PT session. Sometimes I am not being able to relate to some of the seniors. It should not be so. I know I am not causing any major discipline problems but I am at fault during fall-ins. Talking  still gets me into trouble. All my school teachers agree with that. It is all good fun though. Toe-touches are still a problem. Chin-ups are cool. But I know soon … they will not be a problem.

25th  December 1999

Christmas Day! WE had a mid-night fall-in just for kicks. Good TP. Getting up and running around in the middle of the night. Then in the morning more P fall-ins. Seniors went for out pass but no respite. Had a fall-in with BCA and only after that got some time to rest and relax. JUO Balakrishnana got us a cake to celebrate Christmas. Had a Kote for ‘Service Rifle’

26th December 1999

Ma called up. Ma, Baba and Sonam are leaving for Darjeeling. We had a morning run and no Kote. All Seniors were in a relaxed mood and we had no fall-ins. Relaxed and cleaned up the room. Saw ‘Earth 1947’. Prepared DO’s for the morning.

27th   December 1999

First day wearing Dos. Looked smart , so others said. Go no opportunity to check myself out. Went to the final show jumping event at the golf course. Vikram Ahuja’s wife and son were there but there was no opportunity to meet them. Meiktila did average today. Received food package from home. Ishan’s parents had got good sweets as is.

28th December 1999

Getting used to wearing DOS. It feels proud to be in the uniform and walk smartly around. Hopefully now with the Dos we can at least go for lunch directly after classes. No coming back to change into muftis. Had a guest lecture by General Malik, GOC-in-C Northern Area on ‘Leadership’. The most important point was that Junior Officers have to interact more and more with troops to gain their confidence and trust. In WT we had out first less of ‘INSAS – 5.56 SLR’ and ‘AK-47’. Both look similar and have very similar construction. ‘AK’ is lighter and smaller with quicker first, while INSAS has a better range. AKs given currently for all anti-insurgency operations. Very informative less. Learned thecontinuation of the ‘Dhava’ movements. Attack with the bayonet and killing with it.

29th December 1999

Seniors went for map reading tests. So we were a lot free and with liberty. On way back from MT, attacked IP and then on insistence raided café. Good respite! Went to M&D club and had a good show. Saw ‘Entrapment’ movie.

30th December  1999

Capt Acharya had called all those who did not climb the vertical rope with FSMO to B Office. I climbed it but Sr. GC S. Ram said that I too had to fall-in, so I did. Did some exercises in front of B Office. I was selected for the final Essay Writing Competition ‘Human Rights, Society and Armed Forces in low intensity conflicts’. Wrote it quite ok, I guess. Let’s see what happens. On way back had a little dip at the IP again. I have definitely shown improvement in doing toe-touches. There should be a BRIGHT light at the end of the tunnel. There is some way to go yet.

31st  December 1999

Last day of the month, year, century and millennium. Here at OTA they promised us that something has been planned and within the parameters of the Academy we could have fun. Started as a normal day with the volleyball finales played today. After that we have to get ready for the BIG event of the year. For the 1st time in the history of the Academy a ball was planned where all the GC and LCs would participate in ‘Civis’. This was exciting and pleasing. Everyone looked absolutely different and it felt good to see everyone in a relaxed and casual mood. Most of the officers were present with their wives. There was live music and a lot of fun. The dancing was good fun with all the LCs and it felt great having a great party. All the officers were in great spirits and joined us in the dance. After this party got over we moved on to our Company Ante room where another party was planned. Capt Acharya and Capt Chauhan with their wives joined us. There was good food ordered from outside and the last meal was good. At mid-night we had a lot of cheering and wishing each other and eating a lot of cake. Then lights out!

1st January 2000


Good morning! Started with a double run of cross-country. A long14 kms route which is to be run later in the week. The amazing thing about this day was that it was all work as usual. There is no room in the Army for any sentiments. This was very well demonstrated by this New Year. This was a normal working day. In the evening we had another 14 kms cross country run. Making this quite an amazing day. Life was settled again.


2nd January 2000

Another day of long distance running. Morning was to MGR and back. Then as Sr. exams are coming we had free hours but Capt Acharya had a fall-in for all of us and he made us sweat. Evening another 14 kms cross country run. This time with tokens at two places so no one can manipulate. It feels rewarding and satisfying. It is amazing what I am able to do. I finished the run in ok time too and there were a lot of people behind me too. To touches is still a problem though and Capt Acharya is going to see to it that we work hard get over the problem. The strength and will of the human mind and body continues to amaze me. In 8-10 kms was an achievement. There it is routine. Shows why Indian Army is highly respected and successful. It is important to work hard and live upto the ideals and honour of our Army. It is an amazing challenge and I am facing it well and head-on. There is a long way to go.

3rd January 2000

Long range firing day! 50m, 100m, 200m etc. the place was the same as where we went for night march. The range was ready and we were all very eagerly looking forward to it. My Rifle no 21 was perfect and needed no extra zeroing. My 50m firing was good but I was no good in the standing, kneeling and 200m trench. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT! There will be more chances and I shall definitely improve.

4th January 2000

Today whole day at SATS. Nothing much to do the Ustads were also cool and friendly and we had an easy day. In the evening we went out for Night Firing. This was something. No one knew how this was done. The target looked so distant and dim. Of course, everyone found it equally difficult. It was a good learning experience though. Something that I shall be doing very often in the future in practice and in field. Exciting stuff!

5th January 2000

Had a L/D on PHill. More of judging distance and giving firing orders. We had night firing again. While going to the range we moved in 3 tonnes, carrying rifles and equipment. We looked just like the real thing, moving for a mission. All the people around us also looked at us appreciably. We were singing songs and a lot of patriotic songs suddenly have a very different meaning and significance.

6th January 2000

More and more cross-country training practice. It is tiring but very challenging.

7th January 2000

More and more cross-country training practice. It is tiring but very challenging.

8th January 2000

Firing Day! I manage to sneak away and call up the Pathans. Spoke to Aunty, Arif, Reshma and Suhail. It is always good to talk to them. If I had more money I could have called home & Doc too. Later sometime. We did firing from 100m trench, 200m trench, standing, laying unsupported and kneeling. We were judged on these and either passed or failed. I passed. 9 failed but passed on re-test. Evening we went by cycles till Mandir just to continue our feel of the route.

9th January 2000

Cross Country Day! A lot of excitement and expectations. We all got together at the Ante Area, the whole Academy and got ready to run the 14 kms cross country route. I thought I had started well but was out run. I finished305, not a good score. With some more effort, I would I liked a finishing in the mid 200s. Meiktila came LAST. That was terrible news. Everyone as disappointed. We had some extra PT that day but nothing much. Saw ‘Shool’ in the evening. Good movie.

10th January 2000

Had some regular bajri orders by Sr. GC N Chandra. Happens! Sr are generally getting busy with exams and do not have much of free time. Which gives us some free time.

Getting ready for a Fest which will be held on the week-end


11th January 2000

Made the seating arrangement chart on Capt Acharya’s orders. No negative reply from him, so it was ok. I spent a long time in the mess, checking out the dummy, before opening of the ‘Kargil Corner’ to be inaugurated by CM Karunanidhi

12th January 2000

We have regular Drill now. And  I am not improving much. I need some fine tuning on my stamping and stopping. Most have a problem, but I want to clear it in the first attempt. Will have to work hard for it. None of the Seniors came for the club, which made it a non-event. The movie was cancelled and instead we were briefed about the coming Fest over the weekend. There would be a lot of games, TP races and most important- food stalls.

13th January 2000

We had a very quick briefing about what to do the next day as the CM was coming. Orders were suddenly cancelled and we found ourselves running around aimlessly. All the lectures were freed and we got to sleep for 2-3 hours. A rarity. But a very welcome relief.

14th January 2000

CM arrives today. The whole Academy has been given orders about appearance and positioning. I was to be by the swimming pool and basically do nothing. I missed the main ceremony at the Hut of Remembrance and the Inauguration of the Kargil Corner. We could hear the ban though. In the evening we went for a light and sound show at the Hut of Remembrance. It was very professionally made and well presented. It was on OTA and its journey over the years. OTA was formed and re-christened OTA only in 1988 while 25 years ago it was actually inaugurated as OTS – Officer’s Training School. There were storied about two OTA alumini May Savarna MVC from 1 Bihar during Op Vijay at Batalik, re-christened ’Hero of Batalik’ and on Maj Parmeshwaran of Mahar Regiment the only PVC winner of OTA. Both their stories were enacted with commentary.

15th January 2000

Holiday!Army Day & OTA Day! Spent the day preparing for DST & helping Senior for campy ‘Shatrujeet’. In the evening there was the actual Sound& Light show with Sr. Officers and guests. It went of smoothly, fortunately!

16th January 2000

Day of the BIG FEST at the Polo Ground! After helping put up one of the stalls roamed all over the place. There were various games stalls, food stalls, weapons display. Had a good time eating TP food, having juice-fruit, playing games, saw the OTA ad/documentary film etc.  The fest got over after an excellent band presentation and housie. A T-72 tank and sniper were easily the best items on display

17th January 2000

DST DAY! Do not have much hope of passing. I am wondering if I will get rejected in the turnout itself. Hopefully, I pass the turnout test. But not the DST test. In the whole Company only 3 juniors pass the Test. Shows what high standards they expect. Computer classes are getting more and more interesting and a lot of TP as we are only doing Windows. Seniors left for Camp Shatrujeet, which gives us a lot of freedom, but with responsibilities. We have to plan a party for them on their return too. Then we can get an outpass with them….lot of time before that though.

18th January 2000

No Senior around. Got up a little later than usual. Had WT today. Light Machine Gun (LMG) 7.62mm.  Good introduction to it. A very important and powerful weapon. Main weapon of a Section which given them adequate fire power. Had extra Drill and then games. Extra Drill is tiring.

19th January 2000

More sleep! Visit to IP and Café. Withdrew money from bank. Rs. 200/-have been credit to our accounts. Now life will be different with monthly salary, budgeting myself. We had Tactic today with Capt Babu. Section and Platoon in advance. We went to village with our dummy rifles + camouflage gear. Good interesting stuff. I am sure the villagers and all were quite kicked watching us play dummy games. Got some butter chicken from outside due to kind courtesy. TP club time. No movie unfortunately.

20th January 2000

More sleep is so refreshing and necessary. Had a further demo of LMG. Now I guess most of the practicals about it are covered. Had a fall-in with AQ regarding poor drill performance. But today I was promoted a squad up during drill. Hopefully the improvement continues. There is some flaw in my standing which I need to iron out. Just have to be more consistent.

21st January 2000

Drill and more Drill. I am not improving enough. I am eating lot of ice-cream and it is so refreshing and yum. I am going over board really. But I alone. The whole course seems to going over it. It is in this time that there are no seniors that we really get to know each other. What we really are. Spending some much time with each other and in various situations and conditions. The fun part here is that we can fall-in at the Ante Room and watch TV and do TP till lights out. Any TP program with song and dance is watched.

22nd January 2000

LMG ke firing! Capt Babu took a few classes. Impressive. Ad a lot of free time after Drill and games. Ma called up. Spoke to Ma, Baba, Sonam,Bhakti, Arif, Sohail,Reshma and just a hello to Mrinal. All of them are missing me and I am missing them. But I am here for a purpose and there can be no other way through it. Baptism is always through fire!

23rd January 2000

Rest day. No rest fro Drill though. Had a goog 2 hour Drill. Then Kote Service Rifle. Good. The first batch of DST pass cadets got to go out on out pass. Good show. Rested half the day and did major cleaning of the room. Washing, wiping, cleaning. No movie. Went to the Café with Dileep. It is fun spending time with other Cadets. Makes one get closer to them. After all comradeship is always developed here. Did TP at Ante Room. New week tomorrow!

24th January 2000

During Drill Madan Lal Saheb pulled me out for not shouting enough and asked me to report to AQ & lacked. Luckily he cancelled it and I got away. Only for the time being though. Hope my luck continues. Drill is getting tiring but I do not know if I am improving. I am trying though

25th January 2000

Seniors came back today. Infact we were awake most of the whole night for them.  I had bought snacks for Sr. Meiktila for a change did well and everyone was in a good mood. In equestrian, I fell off the horse but luckily nothing happened and I sustained no injuries. It could have so easily been damaging. Hope things always remain safe.

26th January 2000

Republic Day! More Drill. Saw ‘Thin Red Line’. Good fun. Saw only half though.

27th January 2000

Got caught by M. Lal Saheb for not doing Drill properly. He has asked me to march up. He cancelled the march up for today but has post-poned it for tomorrow.

28th January 2000

March up behind the White House, with Adjutant Maj. Mathew of Punjab Regiment. I got 3 restrictions. This is bad news. They start from tomorrow though. Have to report so many times plus running. BPT for around 3km. plus there is cabin cupboard, which is a major bore + headache

29th January 2000

Restrictions start. Reported on the mini drill ground for BPT. Cool no problem with the run. Plus evening 6:45 reporting plus night FSMO reporting.

30th January 2000

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti!

Reported for early morning run. Today there will be 6 reportings. No movie for me either. Hope I cam make good use of this time for retrospection and to pull up my socks and get into higher gear. I was pulled up for poor cabin cupboard, which is not good news. Such small things should never be a problem. Have to make sure no loose threads are hanging. Have to get motivated again and stay ahead. Had to miss the movie ’Pyar Koi Khel Nahi’. Spent a lot of time with Sgt. Bhoraskar & Sr. GC Grover. Then did TP with Soni. He is good company. He talks non stop plus his father is DS at Mhow Infantry School it is also good education.


31st January 2000

Last day of restrictions. No more reporting from now onwards. Good riddance. The PT tests are tomorrow. Toe-touches is still a big problem.

1st February 2000

PPT Test today. We started with the toe-touches where I failed. Amazingly a lot of people who were also expected to fail, passed. But not me. This was not a good start. Then we had 5m shuttle where I finished in Good, Chin-Ups, Good, Sit-ups, Excellent and 100M sprint also Good. Having one failure spoils the show though. Capt Acharya ordered extra PT for all of us. Now, I am not too far away from clearing it but need to work hard. We had a class of Map Reading at St. Thomas Mount. I had taken a ‘Pointer Staff’ and it fell down from my pocket while filling up air at MT. Luckily Siddiki found it and I was saved. I know I went through hell those 10-15 minutes.

2nd February 2000

Sonam’s 27th birthday. No chance to call him up though. I hope he had lots of fun. I wonder what his plans for the future are. It is now really time to think that maybe he should get married or something. It is of course his life and decision but it is not a bad idea to think upon those lines.

In the morning I did not visit my overstudy. They left for field firing. Freedom once more.

We had novice boxing today. Got hammered by Ahmed Mussart, RAC. He had an advantage of knowing boxing and he is more powerful. Good experience though.


3rd February 2000

BPET Test today. Cleared Horizontal Rope, V-Rope, 8” Ditch & 60m sprint in Excellent. Good show. One hurdle crossed. Have to move step by step. DST tomorrow

4th February 2000

DST today. All set for the text. Started with the turnout test again. This time Adjutant was Maj Matthews, Punjab Regiment. He lays much more importance on dress and less on shoes and laces. I did not pass. Surprise, Manish Soni passed. Good show. Tomorrow is 2.4km run and also swimming test. I really want to clear 2.4km run in Excellent. I know I am not far from it. I only have to push myself a little more and I shall be clear. Swimming is no problem. Tomorrow I need to prove it to myself. I know Platoon Commander only expect a Good from me, but I will be disappointed with that. Only Excellent will do. Let’s see….watch this space…

5th February 2000

Good! That’s all I got. Not my best show I am sure but it is over with and cannot be changed. Surprise Ishan passed but Sunder Ram failed. In Swimming swam 50m not very comfortably though. But managed it though. The 3m jump was easy. Seniors back from Field Firing. All of them loved firing the RL and are great fans of that weapon. It is powerful and amazingly mobile.

6th February 2000

Had early morning Drill. We have to get cabin cupboard in order for tomorrow. Easy going cleaning stuff.

7th February 2000

Now I am in the special group of PT failures. We do specific exercises to improve our week points and pass. I need to do sit-ups in the evening then doing toe-touches will not be a problem. I am almost getting it but not perfectly yet. A little more effort and it will be perfect.

We had an excellent class in Tactics by Capt Acharya. Very interesting stuff on Defence and Patrolling. I got a little fever and a touch of loose motions, will report sick tomorrow.


8th February 2000

REPORTED SICK today! Doc gave medicine mainly for loose motions. Rested the whole day. No fall-ins. Slept. Others had to go for PT fall-in while I had a good recovery time. Cabin cupboard head-ached continues. It is difficult to live like this. With most of your stuff missing and dumped in various places.

9th February 2000

Back to the routine. Early morning PT and normal lectures. Capt Acharya gave us sketch maps for exercise ‘Chanbeen’ to be held on Friday. I am Syndicate 1, ‘Bravo’ leader. Very interesting stuff on recee patrols

10th February 2000

We went to Mazar Hill for map reading practice. Had a lot of it too. Ground to map, own position etc.  Now I am confident of it. Good. This is probably one of the most crucial things in field craft and very valuable. I need to get my symbols a little better though. We are getting more free time now with Seniors being busy with Drill. That is a good thing. Some Seniors still have a few final PPT, swimming etc test left. Hope they sail through. It is too close to POP to see anyone left behind. Did some work for Exercise ‘Chanbeen’

11th February 2000

Had 4 classes on Tactics. Exercise ‘Chanbeen’. Good interesting stuff. Capt Acharya really did a terrific job. He is amazing whenever tactics part of it is concerned. We are going to have more and more classes on Tactics subjects now. Good interesting and important stuff.

12th February 2000

Out of the blue Capt Acharya announced that we have a 25 km route march. Rushed to canteen to get some biscuits etc (not really needed). We went via Mandir, Main Road, Meinabakkam. Good fun. We left at 5:30 pm and finished by 8:45-9:00 pm. Meiktila did well, although this was not a competition.

13th February 2000

Started the day easy. Normal cleaning and sweeping stuff. Nothing every exciting. Saw movie ‘Dehek’ starring Bendre and A Khanna. Lousy stuff. Hindu-Muslim love story and problems with it. I wonder where I am heading with it. Is there any hope? Future? Chance? Possibility? I have spoken to Nishat about it and maybe I should give it a go. Let’s see…as I continue to dream on….

14th February 2000

A lot of GCs are excited about today being Valentine Day. We had SATS and LMG final class today. During PT it is fun hearing the band in the background playing various marching tunes especially ‘ Sare Jahan Se Accha’. I am sure HBK would have loved it too. Some progress with toe-touches. Ustad Gurung also helped with new exercise which will be helpful. He is going to go for SSB and we all gave him tips and suggestions for it.

15th February 2000

Exams from 18th and no one is prepared. Have to work hard. So many subjects and so little time

16th February 2000

Saw movie ‘Soldier’ starring Kurt Russel. Good TP

17th February 2000


18th February 2000

Exams today! Map reading. I was as usual under prepared. But I think I did reasonably ok. Should clear.

19th February 2000

Radio Telephony today. I know a lot but messed up a 10 mark answer. Now that puts some pressure on me but I should clear it.

20th February 2000

Barrack cleaning day. Hardly managed any studies. PT test tomorrow.

21st February 2000

Satisfactory! Phew! Lucky too have to exercise and keep on going. I know I am still no good in toe-touches. 2nd term is also left. Celebtrated with more ice-cream. I&S over today.

22nd February 2000

After struggling for a long time last night the big paper is today. O&A and MW. I do not know how well prepared I am. The portion n O&A is never ending. I think I have done Ok though. Got our Map Reading and RT marks. 28/40 and 31.5/50. Better than expected but less that I would have liked. Did good amount of TP with BUO More and Corp Singh late in the night.

23rd February 2000

No paper today but have to work hard for inter economy competition. Spent the whole day cleaning and scrubbing, doing all various related exercises

24th February 2000

Interior Economy Day! Today during PT there was a lot of rain and it felt like I was running in Bombay all over again. Such great fun running in the rain. Did TP with Nishan during the run. Today in WT learnt about Carbine 9mm. Such an easy weapon to conceal and fir at short-range. Very useful for CI Ops. Now planning for Senior farewell starts. ICLT tomorrow.

25th February 2000

We had to go to the M&D Club to help in the enterainment programme to beheld for the parents of the Seniors when they come for PoP. Boring work but have to do it. At least I get to miss a few fall-ins.

26th February 2000

Seniors got their Arms and Regiments. Vyaz got 7 Raj Rif. Most were satisfied with their units. Vyas was a little down. I talked to him and made him feel a little better. I would have been happy with RajRif. So many would be going directly for CIOPs and also to Siachen. I think it is a question of being mentally tuned for this job. Those who did not want Infantry and got it would take sometime to get used to the routine, but with others it should be very challenging and fun.

27th February 2000

No movie today too! Work for M&D club and nothing much happening. Most went out for a doubt pass. I preferred sleeping.

28th February 2000

Seniors are getting a little impatient, with less than a wee left for their PoP. Parents of the GCs have started coming and ore are on the way. Everyone gets Rs. 85,000 and a camp kit.

29th February 2000

Anti Ragging day! We get to show some bossing over our Seniors. All are very sporting and take it in good spirit. At IP we have to treat Seniors. Good spirited fun. Good TP. Tonight according to Meiktila tradition all our clothes were torn and likewise for Seniors.

1st March 2000

Most the classes are now aimed at finishing our portions for our coming exams that start on Monday

2nd March 2000

Commandant’s Parade! We saw the PoP. Sword of Honour went to SUO Naushera Vijay Godhara and Jessami won the COAS and Commandants banner respective. The parade was good and without anymajor problem, except that SUO Jessami’s pant folds opened out

3rd March 2000

I finally go to the library. It has a good collection of books and magazines. Hope in the4 2nd term I can be a little more regular there.

Tomorrow the Seniors pass out.


4th March 2000

PoP over! Seniors have their start on their shoulder and are ready to take charge as new officers. The whole Academy was fully of Lieutants and their families. They got their I-cards and SS numbers and are officers. Now we are left. Hopefully a few more months and we shall be officers too.

5th March 2000

Shifted to the main barracks. Academic papers start tomorrow. Sonam came. Got a few snacks and camera. I showed him around the Academy. He got good Chinese food from outside. Did TP the whole day. Everything is fine in Bombay. Only the shop is not selling. But luckily our investments are doing very well and HBK’s web-site is all set to go on the web. Spoke to HBK, Reshma, Suhail, Arif and Utpal. Saw ‘Arjun Pandit. Did TP.

6th March 2000

English paper today! Ok nothing special. We had WT on RL uses and inspection etc.

7th March 2000

Military Geography! Tough paper. Hopeful

8th March 2000

Military History! Another poor show. WT classes too

9th March 2000

SMT! Did ok today

Caught up with reading at the library. WIPRO Chairman become one of the richest in the world, hijacking drama, Kashmir problems etc.


10th March 2000

Eco & Pol. Sciences.WT

[S1]Gujarati terms meaning sloppy. Our father used this regularly to describe.

[S2]Hinidi term meaning to bow your head. Traditionally required in a place of worship. This term is more specific to the Northern part of India and consistent with the culture of Sikhs who celebrate the Guru Nanak Day.

[S3]Hindi term meaning a problem. Used in Bombay mostly.