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Mountaineering Experience

Nawang was an experienced mountaineer with a wide experience in the mountains. Starting at the age of 7 he had been to Himalayas more than ten times. In 1996, on an expedition to Siachen Glacier, after talking to many army officers and Brigadier Randhir Sinh that he finally made up his mind to pursue a career in the army.

  • In the Himalayas
  • Trekking and Climbing
  • Training
  • Membership

In the Himalaya

1982 – aged 7 years
Trekked in the forest of Binsar, Kumaun on a family holiday.

1984 aged 9 years

The Ruinsara Valley (Garhwal). Part of the large team of climbers. Stayed at Base Camp for two weeks.

1986 aged 11 years

The Baspa valley. (Kinnaur).With families we trekked to Chhitkul and ahead to Lal Dhang. The party was caught in a snow storm and we stayed in an old 1962 bunker for 4 days and returned.

1990 aged 15 years

Tapovan, Gangotri glacier. (Garhwal). Trekked to Tapovan plateau at foot of Shivling peak and stayed 4 days there.

1991 aged 16 years

Beas Kund, Manali. (H.P.). Returned to his training site with friends.

1992 aged 17 years

Base Camp of Panch Chuli, Balati glacier. (Kumaun). This was as part of the Indian-British expedition led by Sir Chris Bonington and his father Harish Kapadia jointly. Trekked to Base Camp and returned after a week of climbing smaller points nearby.

1994 aged 19 years

Singalila ridge, Darjeeling. (Sikkim). Trekked in hills near Darjeeling and West Sikkim with friends from Switzerland. Reached Guicha La.

1994 aged 19 years

Kuari pass. (Garhwal). With 3 friends trekked on the ‘Curzon Trail’ in the Garhwal.

1995 aged 20 years

Pindari glacier and Saryu valley. (Kumaon). Joined a trekking group to go across the passes in the Saryu valley to Ramganga valley and to Munsiary. Later he trekked with 2 friends to Pindari Glacier.

1996 aged 21 years

The Siachen Glacier. He was part of a team led by Harish Kapadia to climb on the Siachen glacier. They trekked in the Terong valley (one of the side valleys of the Siachen) and returned back to snout.

Trekking and Climbing

Extensive trekking in the Western Ghats.(The Sahyadris). Since he was a child, he trekked in the local hills. The first point he climbed was “Bhivpuri Hills” (next to Matheran) when he was 7 years. Since then he trekked extensively in the Sahyadris and had covered many peaks in the area. Going with various friends, he also led his school and college friends to many climbs.

Trekking in Pachmarhi (Central India). For almost 10 years he joined teams to trek and climb in Pachmarhi, almost every January. Many long treks were undertaken by him and rock climbing practised.



Basic Training in Mountaineering, W.H.M.I. (Manali-H.P.) The training course conducted in the Beas Kund area.


Life Member of The Himalayan Club.

Life Member of The Mountaineers, Bombay.

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