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Ode to Peace

“I am an army doctor serving in an active counter-insurgency area in Kashmir valley. I have come across a variety of shocking and touching experiences, and I have sought to put down my feelings in words.”


I have walked with the moon

On the starlit nights,

Braving the chills of the wind,

And the unknown fears

That darkness brings.

I have touched their ailing hearts,

Shared a look

With their sunken eyes,

I heard death talk in whispers,

As I walked along the hospital


Waiting for gloom to be dispelled

By the morning light.

Here I walked on frozen paths,

I touched their hand

And try to feel their heart,

I grope for their mind

But it makes me feel blind.

Is it not strange ,

When you are sick,

I try to heal,

With my limited treasury ;

When we lose a man , a limb

You choose to unseen,

Our human misery.

From your beautiful land

We carry,

Tales of ugly militancy.

I wish to see your world,

Through my eyes,

But alas I cannot be free,

Everywhere I go ,

I need armed security

Your pledge and my duties

May not be one,

Your Allah’s , wish my God’s desire,

But my prayers may save

Your dying son.

Do you think we can wake to Peace

Under the one rising Sun !

Recommended by Lt. Col. A.K. ‘Sam’ Sharma (Retd) of the 4/3 Gorkha Rifles