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Last Passage of Nawang

Last Passage of Lt. Nawang Kapadia

Nawang was killed in an encounter, bravely rescuing a comrade, in best traditions of the Army. His body was returned draped in the National Flag. The last rites of Nawang were conducted with full Army honours by the 9th battalion of the Kumaun Regiment. The Kumaun Regiment is also a “hill regiment” like the 3rd Gorkhas. Nawang, wrapped in the National flag, was taken on a decorated gun carriage full of guards in an Army Convoy from the INHS Ashvini Military Hospital to his home where the family paid their respects. From there he was taken to the Worli Crematorium where the Army paid the highest honour to the gallant officer. After a short religious ceremony, the army buglers played the Last Post and a 21 gun salute was fired. The army band played the tunes as the soldiers reversed arms and bowed to a hero. His body was then cremated with tears in everyone’s eyes and Salutes from more than 200 army officers present.