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The night before the Passing out Parade

This photograph of Nawang send to us by one of his course-mates, Lt. Bharani Dharan, which was taken the night before the Passing Out Parade, when they were preparing their uniform for the next day. The description on the context of the photograph in Lt. Bharani Dharan’s own words :

“I am Lt Bharani Dharan . course-mate of Nawang. Just two days before I came to know about Nawang’s sad demise. He was from my company both in the first and second term. I am sending a picture of him, myself and Dileep. Taken night before PoP (Passing Out Parade). We were preparing the dress . He was joking at us that throughout ur service u have to shine ur stars he was proud of getting a black star. I cant forget that night. U have any sort of problem contact me I am always their to help. ”