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Phillora coy


At the Officer's Training Academy , Nawang was in the Phillora Coy (army speak for Company). Photo of Nawang with his company mates from Rohit Makotia


At the Battalion

Lt. Nawang had a very short time with the battalion before he went out for the operation and was killed. An officer from the battalion, shared this picture of Nawang with them

Outside a temple in the Rohensara Valley

This photograph of Nawang send to us by Gigi, a very close friend of the family. She was part of the team that has gone to Rohensara valley with us. Nawang was 9 at the time. 

The night before the Passing out Parade

This photograph of Nawang send to us by one of his course-mates, Lt. Bharani Dharan, which was taken the night before the Passing Out Parade, when they were preparing their uniform for the next day.

Group Photograph at OTA

Nawang graduated on September 2, 2000 and was proudly commissioned as a Lieutenant in the 3rd Gorkha Rifles. He belonged to the Phillora Company in the Shivaji Battalion. This is a photograph of Nawang (2nd row from the top and third from the right) with his batchmates. The photograph has the signatures of all those present below the picture. This is a large photo, it takes upto 2 minutes to load so please be patient.

Sketch of the Area where this happened

The army had Nawang's personal effects delivered to our home on Dec. 4, 2000. Along with the luggage was the paperwork and also a sketch of the area painstakingly prepared by the jawans of the 4/3 Gorkha Rifles to show where this happened.

Nawang's meeting with the Chief of the Army Staff

A proud moment in life of Nawang. Before he joined the army , as a member of the Siachen Glacier expedition (1996 and 1998) he met General S. Padmanabhan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM, ADC, the present Chief of Army Staff of  the Indian Army. Nawang had climbed in the Siachen Glacier and that visit had fuelled his interest to join the army.


Nawang spend his entire childhood in his home in Carmichael Road in South Bombay, India. The childhood was filled with treks into the Western Ghats with his family from where he developed his love for adventure sports and  outdoors. Nawang came from a Gujarati family with strong Maharastrian influences from the mother's side of the family. The Nawang made lasting friendships that have survived for over 20 years and those friends have always been a part of the Kapadia family.

 With Friends and Family

When Nawang was going to the Officer’s Training Academy to beginning his training, there were two occasions when everyone had come to meet Nawang and to wish him well on his new career in the Army.

At Officer's Training Academy in Chennai

Nawang joined the Officer’s Training Academy in Chennai in October 1999. This is  a prime training institute of the Indian Army training new officers. Nawang had taken up the short-service commission which entails service for five years and then and option to convert it into a life-long career.

Passing Out Parade

The “passing out parade” marks the commissioning of Nawang into the Indian Army. From the cadet and the OTA he became an officer of the Indian Army. After the Passing Out Parade the cadets change into the uniforms of their regiments( 3rd Gorkha Rifles, for Nawang). The 2 stars on their shoulder which signify the rank of a Lieutenant are covered when they wear it for the first time. The covers on stars are removed by the family and from then on they are always worn with pride by the young officers. Since Nawang was in a “Rifle” regiment, his stars are black in colour unlike the golden stars of other regiment.

Last Passage of Nawang

Nawang was killed in an encounter, bravely rescuing a comrade, in best traditions of the Army. His body was returned draped in the National Flag.  The last rites of Nawang were conducted with full Army honours by the 9th battalion of the Kumaun Regiment on November 14, 2000. The Kumaun Regiment is also a “hill regiment” like the 3rd Gorkhas. Nawang, wrapped in the National flag, was taken on a decorated gun carriage full of guards in an Army Convoy from the INHS Ashvini Military Hospital to his home where the family paid their respects. From there he was taken to the Worli Crematorium where the Army paid the highest honour to the gallant officer. After a short religious ceremony, the army buglers played the Last Post and a 21 gun salute was fired. The army band played the tunes as the soldiers reversed arms and bowed to a hero. His body was then cremated with tears in everyone’s eyes and Salutes from more than 200 army officers present.