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Poem by Anjali Nugyal

The greens are darkening

The whites are fading

The saffron are thickening

Yesterday the Charkha

That was spinning,

Today stands still

We know,

We all go into it

And are all born from it.

My friend went in

A bit too hastily

He stands right there

In the center

Smiling his shy sweet effervescent smile.

Each time you see the flag,

You will see him,


Nawang never died

Nor he ever will.

With Prayers


Anjali Nugyal

Mrs. Anjali Nugyal and her husband Major Aman Nugyal of the 6th Sikh Regiment have been a constant source of encouragement for Nawang in joining the army. Nawang spend a fortnight with the Nugyals, of which he had very fond memories and lots of anecdotes. When Nawang was staying with them, he had to lose 15 kilos to be admitted in the army. Aman and Nawang used to run 26 kilometers daily and then Anjali used her special weight reducing technique; cover Nawang in blankets in 40oC Delhi heat!!