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To Go Like Them!

The winds of terror, in snow clad terrain
The scream of bullets-that deafens the brain.
The fear of end is so near
And it haunts the eyes-
But the determination to fight
Dominates the mind!

The fear no longer stays within
No care about – anything,
Oblivious to fate and what destiny holds
They charge right in dropping enemies like poles.
They fight like warriors
Stories of whom we have heard
They kill like brave soldiers
Leaving stories untold!

The final hour is here
The fright has gone
And so has the pain.
The faces that loved them
And those they cherished
Reach out from far-
Never, to meet again.
But the glow of satiety
And contentment stays
To have done their duties
And protected the name!”

To go like them
An honor so rare!
Their offerings
Have not been in vain,
We respect and salute them
Each day –
And shall always!

By Anushka

Anushka is a regular visitor to the site. She is from Dehra Dun and is currently studying at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her endevour is to bring to light as a journalist the sacrifice that our brave soldiers are making for us each day.