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Nawang’s Tree Sign

Lt. Nawang’s Tree Sign – The Amla Tree

Many of us may not realise that growing trees or selection of it for a particular person is a science. One of our friends, Mr. Sudhir Naik is dedicated his life to grow trees everywhere. He declares that he wants to grow 10 trees for every year of his life lived. He has a deep study of every aspect of tree-plantations and has studied many special aspects of this science. As per the birth sign of each person, certain trees are their very own and it is considered most appropriate if this particular tree is planted for the person of this particular birth sign. It leads to betterment of the person and the tree with affection showered on it. There is a detailed study of relation of men with trees and which tree would suit whom.

After studying

As a young trekker, right from the age of 6 or 7, Nawang used to accompany us to the hill station of Pachmarhi in Central India. This place is full of the Amla trees and we would find Nawang as a young boy climbing such trees and plucking the fruit. He would shake the tree with vigour and many Amlas would fall down to be collected later. We hope that some day some Amla tree would be planted in his memory and today we are happy to know that this life giving tree is his sign.