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Tree Planted in Nepal

In November 2000, few weeks after Lt. Nawang Kapadia’s death, his parents went to Nepal to attend a conference. During their stay they planted a tree in the memory of Nawang. 11 years later the tree is fully grown and keeps the memory of Lt. Nawang alive. Trees are the permanent symbols of Nawang. Like Nawang’s sacrifice, they stand an eternal testimony.

Email from Nabil Ghimire
Respected Sir This is Nabin, former Manager of INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN MUSEUM at Pokhara NEPAL. Now i’m in Houston Texas USA, last month i’d been to Nepal and get back to Mountain Museum and most amazed by the nicely grown tree that you and your wife planted on the museum premises on the memory of ‘Lt. Nawang’ and i could not help to shoot this mail to you. I just wonder that none of the others tree has been grown up that good, as Museum premise is not that favorable for planting. Surely you put your blessings there. I hope someday you will visit that Museum to see the tree, it’s just by the mountain replica. (See the attached picture)

Sincerely Yours Nabin Ghimire