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Visit to Nepal

Kathmandu Lecture

Before the death of Lt Nawang Kapadia, his father Harish had committed to deliver a lecture to an international audience in Kathmandu during the International Mountain Film Festival. The first thought was to cancel the appointment but encouraged by Geeta and friends he decided to go to Kathmandu and deliver this lecture, which was on the politics, mountaineering and other aspects of the Siachen Glacier and Kashmir. The talk was attended by about 300 persons and led to much discussion.

After the talk there was plenty of discussion and a strong desire to end such conflicts, specially in such beautiful areas. One of the guests who lived in Pakistan stated; “Many Pakistanis have lost friends and you have lost a son. We must try to do something about this.” In fact in a wonderful gesture someone in the Kathmandu talk suggested that the Indian and Pakistani mountaineers should lead expeditions each from different side of the Siachen and climb a common peak from East and West. With Indian and Pakistani flags hoisted jointly on that peak this conflict must end ! Though it is a distant dream, one hopes such a dream comes true soon and we give peace and mountains a chance.