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Poems Recommended by Brig. Randhir Sinh of 4/3 Gorkha Rifles

Brig. Randhir Singh, is a close friend of the family, and was a strong influence on Nawang on joining the army. He has recommended two poems on Valour in the memory of Nawang.

Visit to Almora

Account of our visit to Almora, where Nawang’s Battalion the 4/3 Gorkha Rifles is based. We met the people that he was with during his short career in the army.

The night before the Passing out Parade

This photograph of Nawang send to us by one of his course-mates, Lt. Bharani Dharan, which was taken the night before the Passing Out Parade, when they were preparing their uniform for the next day.


We have made three logos which represent the memory of Lt. Nawang. They can be used on all communication, letters of e-mails, to keep the memory of Nawang alive. They stand for bravery, courage and love of the country.

Poem by Tanaya Apte

Tanaya Apte is a cousin of Lt. Nawang. Her family and she used to stay very close to our house when she was young and all of us have grown to played together. She has been away for the past 10 years. She has written a beautiful poem in the memory of Nawang.

Group Photograph of Nawang at the OTA

Nawang was in the Philora Company at the Officers Training Academy in Chennai. This is the official photograph of the company along with all the cadets and the officers responsible for training them. The photograph has been signed by all the cadets with messages.


A library of quotations on gallantry and valour from around the world. If you have a quotation that you would like to include in this section, please e-mail me at


A new section on poems related to the army and war. There is a beautiful poem called ” Do not Stand by my Grave and Weep” which was found in the belongings of a solider killed by terrorists in Northern Ireland.

A new poem “The Mother” recommended by Janet Rizvi, written in 1915 during the Irish uprising against England.

Essay on the Cruelty of War

An essay about the cruel effect of war by Dilip D’Souza. This essay in the prize winning essay in the completion held by United Nation for essays on peace.