Inscription on the memorial Stone

Inscription on the Memorial Stone at the Mahim Nature Park

“The World is a fine place and worth fighting for”


(15.12.1975 – 11.11.2000)

Fourth Battalion the Third Gorkha Rifles

Indian Army

Kayar Hunu Bhanda, Marnu Ramro
(It is better to die in Valour than to live like a Coward)

Lieutenant Nawang Kapadia sacrificed his life while gallantly fighting terrorists in the jungles of Rajwar in the Kupwara district of Srinagar in the Kashmir Valley on November 11, 2000 . During the battle he rushed to the rescue of an injured jawan unmindful of his own safety while in the face of the enemy

Lt. Nawang Kapadia died in the highest traditions of the Indian Army, living up to the ethos and standards of his Battalion