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Awards & Commendations

After the terrible tragedy, there have been many organisations who have come forward to publicly recognise the contribution of Nawang and to acknowledge the role of our fine fighting soldiers.

Any such occasion has been one of pride and sorrow for us. The pride has been to see so many people honour our soldiers and stand up for the principles which has made India a strong and democratic country. The sorrow has been of the memories of Nawang and that he could not be with us to join the occasion.

Army Commendation

On the eve of the 56th Independence Day on 14th August 2002, Lt. Nawang Kapadia and three other brave soldiers were awarded a CERTIFICATE OF HONOUR AND BADGE OF SACRIFICE by the Indian Army. All four had fought against the militants in different battles at different time and made the supreme sacrifice for the country.

Tributes at the School : St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy

Nawang studied in the St. Xavier’s Boys’ Academy in Mumbai. It is a small and friendly school where both he and Sonam had studied. Being only¬† “Boys’ Academy” there is always a vibrancy that a boys only school has! The school is run by Jesuits Christian fathers from many years and they are a great educationalist. Nawang studied here for 6 years (1986-1992) (earlier he was in the New Era School where his father had studied). As a past student he was of course well-known to all the teachers and some of the present students also knew him.

City Remembers

Lt. Nawang was a through Mumbaite, having been born and brought up in Mumbai. This is a city that he loved and called it his own. The Collector of Mumbai is one of the senior most officers in the city and symbolises the city.The office of Collector of Mumbai honoured this son of Mumbai City, Lt. Nawang Kapadia.

Fighting the Terror

Few concerned citizens of India has formed Anti-Terrorism Front. The aims and objectives of the Front is to convey the message among the people that terrorism of any sort has no place in civilized society and to spread the awareness of he need for fighting terrorism. This Front has been formed under the aegis of M.S. Bitta, a former cabinet minister of Punjab , who was target of terrorism, and has had a narrow escape in a bomb attack.

Trophies In the Memory of Nawang

Two trophies have been created in memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia. These trophies would be a permanent record in memory of him. The first trophy is for “The Best Adventurer” of the Indian Army for the Year.The second trophy is instituted at 39 Gorkha Training Centre for the “The Best Instructor” in the training centre for the year.

Young Achievers Award of the Indo-American Society

Many Indians particularly from Mumbai have made their mark in Unites States of America. As a result the Indo-American society based in Mumbai has remained a very active organization and it is very efficiently run by various enthusiastic people, particularly, its current President, Mr.S. Ramadorai and Vice President Mr. Arun Vakil. One of the important program that they organize annually is “Young Achievers Award” to be given to any young person and honoring him for his outstanding achievements. This award has become very prestigious and honorable.