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Trees for Nawang

Memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia lives in the Trees
– Harish & Geeta Kapadia

The beautiful Sonchampa tree planted in Nandadeep in memory of Lt. Nawang

Geeta has taken up to plant trees in memory of Lt Nawang. Many friends also have been planting trees in his memory. One of the first, an Oak tree was planted in Cumbria, UK by Boningtons. Savita Apte planted tree in Poland and many tress planted in Mumbai

In Pokhara we visited the site of the “International Mountain Museum”. This is a huge site where a large Mountain Museum is to inaugurated soon. We planted a holy “Swami” tree here near the entrance to the Museum. Mr Jalakji, who is looking after the project, assured us that once the tree has grown they plan to construct a platform surrounding this tree. All visitors will enter from this gate and many will rest under its shade. (2011 Update – the tree is full grown now)

Similarly two trees were planted on the banks of the Bagmati river near Kathmandu. This is a holy river which passes the shrine of Pashupatinath, is in a filthy state at present. Mr Bikrum Pandey who has some land on it bank, has taken to planting trees on its bank and ultimately hopes to contribute to cleaning this river. Many famous mountaineers passing through Kathmandu has planted trees here, including Sir Chris Bonington. We planted two fruit trees here, an Orange tree and a Pear tree.

We visited the Public Health Center(PHC), Vavoshi, on December 24, 2000, where Nawang’s close friend Dr. Mrinal Patnaik is undergoing his rural training. We planted trees in and around the PHC for Nawang.

The spirit of Lt Nawang will live in these beautiful trees.
Mariko, a Japanese friend of the family has planted trees in Karuizawa and named it the “Nawang Tree”.

Public Health Center (PHC), Vavoshi

Currently the PHC is in the charge of Dr. Mrinal Patnaik, who is a very close childhood friend of Lt. Nawang Kapadia. Lt. Kapadia had visited the PHC many times and has a large circle of friends and well-wishers in the village of Vavoshi. He had special affection towards the residents of Vavoshi, especially because of the presence of a large number of retired and serving army JCOs and NCOs. The love of people of Vavoshi was nowhere more evident then by the tributes paid by the residents of Vavoshi on hearing the news of the sad and untimely demise of the young Lieutenant.

On the day of cremation of the Lieutenant in Mumbai, the residents of Vavoshi held a ceremony in the memory of Lt. Nawang Kapadia at the PHC and observed silence in the memory of the martyr.