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Division’s History


The Division was raised in South India in November 1943 under command Maj Gen. H. L. Davies, CBO, DSO, MC and was trained for Jungle Warfare. It first saw action in Arakan in March 1944 where it held and enlarged the Naungdaw Base and established superiority over the enemy. In November 1944, supported by 19 Lancers and Destroyers of the Royal Australian Navy, the Division cleared the Mayu range down the Foul Point, occupied Akyab Island and then, with 3 Commando Brigade under command, made a series of successful seaborne attacks down the coast supported by sloops of the Royal Indian Navy, winning four Victoria Crosses. These actions included the decisive battle of Kangaw and Landings at Ayebon and Ruywa to intercept the retreating Japanese.

The Division was recalled to South India in April 1946 to prepare for the invasion of Malaya and was chose for the assault landing role. Although hostilities had then ceased, the operation proceeded as planned and it was the first formation to land in Malaya, occupying the capital Kuala Lumpur. There it took part in accepting the surrender of the Japanese Army. The Div was disbanded on 15 May 1946.

25 Infantry Division was re-raised in December 1949 with Maj. Gen. Yadunath Singh, MVC, as its GOC and was deployed in Jammu and Kashmir generally in the area of the ‘Old Moghul Route to Kashmir’. Since then the Div has taken part in both wars against Pakistan in 1965 and 1971.