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Tricolour Logo

Each time you see the flag,
You will see him,

Nawang never died
Nor he ever will.

Description on the Logo

This is a circular logo with the logo follows the scheme of the Indian Tricolour Flag; saffron, white and green. The Badge has the profile logo in the center and the name below it. The top circle has the quotation from Ernst Hemmingway which was one of Nawang’s favorite quotations. There are two stars on the green portion of the logo.

The quotation forms a part of the logo and should be with the logo.

Meaning of the Logo

The organisation of the colours of the logo represents the Indian Tricolour Flag. The Army lives to defend the honour of this flag and the national symbols of India. Since childhood every Indian loves and respects this ultimate emblem of India.

The profile of Lt. Kapadia, in the middle of the logo establishes the strong connection that Nawang felt for this country, to serve it and to defend it against enemies.

The two stars at the bottom of the picture stand for the Rank of Lt. Kapadia. In the Indian Army, the rank of a Lieutenant is denoted by two stars on the shoulder epaulette of the officer.

The quotation below the picture is taken from a poem written by Anjali Nugyal in the memory of her friend Lt. Kapadia

Use of the Logo

The logo can be used in all communication, letters and e-mails. We have prepared three templates that can be used for letters. Please feel free to use these or to make your own.

Letter Head Template 1

Letter Head Template 2

Letter Head Template 3

Download the logo to make your own letter head