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Phalam Bahadur

As part of of the 50th Flag Raising Day Celebrations in Delhi, the unit held a moving ceremony at the Phalam Bahadur memorial which has the names of those who showed the ultimate measure of devotion to their duty, their unit and to their country.

Phalam Bahadur or “Iron Gorkha” is a symbol of a true Gorkha solider…fearless, faithful and honest. He is an epitome of courage, dedication and discipline and is worth emulating. His spirit resides in the heart of every Phor Thud soldier and motivates him to put in best in everything he does.

Phalam Bahadur has given the supreme sacrifice a number of times in the highest tradition of Phor Thud and the Indian Army and we salute his spirit

Lt. Nawang’s name is inscribed there for posterity as a Phalam Bahadur