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Recommended Trees

Planting TREES and PLANTS In Memory of Lt.Nawang Kapadia also read – Nawang’s Tree Sign
-Geeta Kapadia

We, the Kapadia family and friends decided in 2000 to spread the message of Peace through various means in Memory of dear Lt.Nawang, who lost his life fighting the militants in Kashmir. Planting plants and trees was a natural expression, which I wanted to pursue with intensity. And as we, friends and family planted trees, I learnt more about the life of trees. That trees had personalities and that the vibrations they spread was, charismatic to their character. Plants and trees help to develop better feelings towards each other, it is essential that we have plants with good vibrations around us.

Here is the list of trees and plants to begin planting. These are forest trees but should be grown in cities for the benefits that they hold

Amla (Indian gooseberry) Nawang’s Tree Sign

The small but sturdy tree, with soft, delicate leaves, with sour fruits which leaves sweet taste. It is a symbol of youth and life the tree is worshipped as The Earth-Mother, the fruit considered so nourishing, that it nourishes the mankind. Amla has numerous nutritious and medicinal values It is easily grown in compounds of school s and on the road side. This is also Nawang’s Tree Sign

Khair tree

The Katha, used in Betel leaf is made from the bark of this tree. The wood inside the layer of the bark is very strong and is used for the fire of an Yagna. The wood is considered to have power of burning of hundred trees. The ember of this wood has a long lasting quality. The wood of Khair is used for making the plough and the pounding log for rice. Hence this tree signifies endurance and strength.

Jack fruit -tree.
A thick round leaves of this tree, give a thick warm feeling. The fruits, cling to the tree trunk and though are huge come in a cluster. The skin is poky and the fruit very juicy and fragrant. The pulp as well as the seeds are eaten. The tree, signifies the tough outside and warm inside personality, it also signifies the togetherness of family and siblings. The leaves and the wood is used in variety of ways.

Kancchan Tree
The leaves of this tree are known to be symbolic to Gold and are exchanged on Dassera day. A child is considered should have a character as pure as Gold.

Sawar (Indian silk cotton tree)
A elegant tree, symbolising soft caring nature of silk -cotton.

Dev babul
A babul tree which grows straight up towards sky, like temple Dome rising signifies higher goals in life.

for its longitivity and sturdy, ever useful character.

For its gold flower and beautiful high rising straight skywards.

More trees, Drumstick, Bel, Brhami, Tejpata, Dalchini, Shatavari, Eranda, Kalmegh, Yasthimadh, Bauhinia, Amaltas, Arjun, Ritha, Bakul, Jaiphal,Lawanga, Camphor, Golden Champa, Kadamba, Khas,

And for other medicinal plants, all those beautiful crouton and bouganvillas have negative vibrations so go back to life sustaining plants, Adulsa, Nirgudi, Aloe, Ashwagandha, Til, Anantmul, Turmeric, Hibiscus, Tulsi, Mint and other variety, Mogra, Anant, Aboli, Sadafuli, Jai, Juhi.Gokarn, Ketaki,