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Letter from Ekta Langer

Letter from Ekta Langer of Jammu

We recently received a letter from Ekta Langer from Jammu. We were deeply touched by this letter and would like to share it on the web-memorial

Respected Aunty,

Myself Ekta Langer born and brought up in middle class Hindu family with my father Shri Om Gupta working as a Government A1 Class Contractor in Northern Power Grid and my mother as a household lady. I have a brother and a sister too.

I study in Government Girls Higher Secondary School in 11th class in medical stream.

I came to know about Lt. Nawang few days ago from my teacher Vikas Manhas. He also told me about the CD of Nawang. I was so impressed by that CD that I saw it 6 times.

When I heard about the sad and untimely death of Nawang, words are too weak to express my grief at this time.

When I saw the CD, I really got sad. I came to the decision that he must be a thorough gentleman and a loving person. His smiling face will ever strike me when I will see any other soldier in my left out life days. I offer my heartfelt sympathy in your sorrow. May God grant happiness to soul and give you strength to bear the irreparable loss.

I ensure you of my deepest sympathy and hope that with passage of time your wounds will heal.

Not you but, I am really very sad about his death, but I am also very proud of that soul. Our country has lost a great man and a brave body soldier. You must be proud of Nawang because of him you are as the martyr of a mother.


Lt. Nawang was really a gem even precious than stars because the stars twinkle only at night as their shine is suppressed in the day by the shine of sun.

But Nawang is glittering in the sky ….. all day long, all night, 24 hours suppressing all natural powers.

I am living here in Jammu, safely and happily spending my life due to the sacrifice of the soldiers on border across the country who are fighting for us people. I really pray these soldiers and will not forget the sacrifice of these people all my life.

I am highly motivated by the sacrifice of Lt. Nawang. I really salute tham man and all that soldiers who have sacrificed their precious life for us people.

They in fact give their today for our tomorrow.


I too want to be the proud owner of the badge. Waiting eagerly for your reply and the badge.