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The last breath

Chunks of metal

Pumped into life

Breathing his last

Amidst an aura of strife

He thinks not of

Where he’ll land up

In heaven or hell

He leaves that to the name

He worshipped so well.

He thinks not

Of decorations that he deserves

Nor of the million lives

He’d been fighting to preserve.

He has nothing to lose

N’ he feels no pain

He thinks of only

Whether the nation will do what it claims

I haven’t been there

So I don’t really know

How it feels like to go

With a feeling of uncertainty

In ur heart & soul

With unfulfilled responsibilities

And no final adieus!

But one thing’s for sure

Its not easy for those eyes

To see their pride

Being brought home!

By Anushka

Anushka is a regular visitor to the site. She is from Dehra Dun and is currently studying at Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore. Her endevour is to bring to light as a journalist the sacrifice that our brave soldiers are making for us each day.